BIDC staff are lauded

The staff of the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) were celebrated today for a job well done.

Speaking at the BIDC’s Christmas luncheon and awards ceremony this afternoon, chairman Benson Straker said that in the face of significant challenges the company was yet able to make some progress, and he urged workers to continue the good work and dedication
in 2015.

BIDC chairman Benson Straker. 
BIDC chairman Benson Straker.

“The New Year will brings its own mix of successes and challenges, but our direction is clear and we know what we must do,” Straker advised. “Our job is to continue to focus intently on what we can control, providing our clients with the best service and most comprehensive business solutions, managing our costs, rebuilding our BIDC and Barbados, and doing our best to keep our economy moving forward.”

Also lauding workers was Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss. He praised staff for their continuing effort in maintaining a vibrant manufacturing sector and assisting Government in its quest to help in industrialization in Barbados. However, he made it clear that the work had just began.

“I am expecting to see in 2015 a more vibrant BIDC; one that is . . . definitely focused. I expect that there will be increased emphasis on the services sector.

“The reality about it is that Barbados is 68 per cent services-based,” Inniss added, “and I expect therefore that BIDC would not spend the bulk of its resources and time on brick and motar enterprises, but certainly a lot more on the services sector. In my view, this is the  future of Barbados.”

Several staffers were rewarded for long service to the company, among them retiring board member Veronica Griffith who worked with the BIDC for 28 years.

Lionel Hoyte and Robert Quintyne were also rewarded for their 30 years’ service, while Angela Bascombe, Fern Lewis and Neville Rice were recognized for their 20 years’. Paula Bourne and Avril Cadogan were acknowledged for their 15 years’, and Anthea Grimes and Terry Gamble for their decade of service.

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