GUYANA-Tuschen triple murder

Nine-year-old among the slain as she tries to save mum from attacker

GEORGETOWN –– Three people were hacked to death yesterday morning at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo. Another is critical following the chopping incident.

Villagers remain in a state of shock following the gruesome killing of Bibi Zalima Khan, 55; Ashley Boodhoo, 9; and Floyd Drakes, 30, all of Phase Two, Tuschen New Housing Scheme, and the attempted murder of Geeta Boodhoo.

According to information gathered, the suspect Joshua Franklyn, also of Tuschen, broke several louvre panes to gain access to the home and then started chopping the occupants indiscriminately. The now hospitalized Boodhoo, Khan and Drakes were reportedly having a few drinks when the incident occurred.

Nine-year-old Ashley was in the bedroom with her five siblings when she heard the commotion and went to the rescue of her mother, but not before instructing her brothers and sisters to hide under a bed. As she went into the living room area, she was chopped several times by the suspect. In a bid to escape, she ran towards the kitchen area where she collapsed and later died.

Khan, her grandmother, reportedly died in the living room, while Drakes was found next to a toilet in the yard. Boodhoo, Franklyn’s reputed wife, escaped and hid at a neighbour’s home.

At the scene, there were shattered glass, beer bottles and blood everywhere.

Eon Inniss, the neighbour at whom Boodhoo took refuge, was washing the blood from his veranda when the Guyana Times visited. He related that just after midnight yesterday morning, he was awakened by a woman’s voice calling for help.

Eon Inniss, the neighbour at whose home the perpetrator’s reputed wife hid, speaking to the media.
Eon Inniss, the neighbour at whose home the perpetrator’s reputed wife hid, speaking to the media.

This prompted him to look through the window, and upon enquiring, the now injured woman told him her mother was dead. This bombshell was followed by total silence. Soon after, he heard the woman’s other daughter screaming that her grandmother was dead and as such, instructed her to keep running since the suspect was chasing her.

Inniss immediately contacted a friend at Parika Police Station, telling what the woman had said. While doing so, he said he heard a loud banging on the door followed by the suspect’s voice saying: “Samantha, I know meh wife deh in deh . . . . Send she out let me deal with she . . . .”

Inniss said he collected a chopper and told Franklyn that his reputed wife was not there and that he must leave his yard. As he looked through the window, he saw the suspect leaving on his pedal cycle.

“Because it was dark, de woman hide behind the car that did park under the house . . . . So when he come in through the gate, instead he walk around the car, he walk around the step; so he couldn’t see the woman.”

As Inniss closed the windows, he heard Boodhoo’s frail voice coming from his platform, and opened the door –– she was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

By this time, a policeman had arrived at the scene and subsequently called for assistance.

Inniss said as he and the policeman went into the home where the chopping incident occurred, he saw Khan lying in the sitting area with her hand severed and a gash to her neck; and when he looked closer, he saw the young girl in the kitchen.

She, too, had a huge gash to her head. At that time, Drakes was not seen, but he was found some two hours after in the backyard. He received the brunt of the attack, since there were chop wounds all over his back, head, abdomen and feet.

The bodies were removed from the house about 3 a.m. after the police had completed their initial investigation.

Inniss stated that the suspect was always a quiet person, but the Guyana Times understands that he was charged with assaulting his reputed wife earlier in the year. When the Guyana Times visited the home of a sister of the injured woman, her surviving children were there. The sister Sharda, however, was at the Leonora Police Station, and refused to speak with the media.

Boodhoo had taken out a restraining order against Franklyn and wanted to end their relationship. She had decided to commence a new relationship with Drakes and the accused became annoyed. She is now in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital following the attack, while the perpetrator has gone into hiding.

Source: (Guyana Times)

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