Harris: Focus more on football players

President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA) Randy Harris has called on the media in Barbados to focus more on promoting football and the players rather than the internal affairs of his organisation.

Harris’ plea came during a meeting held today at the BFA’s Fontabelle, St Michael office between members of media and the association to discuss a set of guidelines and regulations put in place with the hope of guiding the relationship between the two entities

President of the Barbados Football Association, Randy Harris (Picture by Morissa Lindsay).
President of the Barbados Football Association, Randy Harris (Picture by Morissa Lindsay).

“I would like to see a change where the media in Barbados focus more on football and the performances of the players and not Randy Harris or the BFA and issues like [who get] arrest and those sorts of things,” Harris said.

According to the guidelines put in place by BFA, only accredited members of the media will be allowed field access. Media workers will also be required to wear bibs in order to distinguish between television and other media organizations. Also in cases where there is a premier league, knockout competition or match being played at the national stadium or elsewhere in the country, the BFA media officer in conjunction with the match commissioner will be responsible for overseeing press operation and media opportunities.

He said the media officer would be responsible for all matters relating to the press and would be present on pre-match day, match day and post-match day to make sure that everything ran smoothly between the clubs and media personnel.

Harris explained that photographers in particular would not be allowed to walk around the field and take pictures as accustomed and therefore had to select which goal-line they wanted to operate from and stay there until half-time.  Members of the media will be restricted from going near the players or match officials’ locker area during game time.

The top football official said that failure by the media to comply with the rules might result in disciplinary action taken by the BFA executive board. Harris said most of the rules were put in place as the BFA sought to develop its relationship with the media.

During the meeting Harris also touched on the Wildey, St. Michael Astro turf which he said the BFA hoped would be completed in time for the New Year but were keeping their fingers crossed that it would be finished by February 2015. As a result, Harris said a few domestic matches would be played at the National Stadium once it was available or at the University of the West Indies.

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