ST LUCIA-Plane with cruise ship passengers leaves St Lucia

CASTRIES –– Some 61 Insignia cruise ship passengers who were stranded on a plane for close to five hours at the Hewanorra International Airport have now gone on to Miami. The plane departed St Lucia at about 9:30 a.m. It was initially due to leave at 4 a.m.

St Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the cruise line and the pilot had a misunderstanding that led to the delay. After several calls and reports were made, the matter was finally resolved.

Kristi Wooten, whose parents were on the aeroplane, told SNO that her father was able to communicate the information to her via a telephone.

Wooten said that none of the passengers had their luggage and had nowhere to sleep last night. She said most of the passengers were 60 years and older, and were still in whatever clothing they had since yesterday.

“Nobody was given a hotel room, before they got to the airport. It was an hour drive in the bus. Before the bus started driving they spent an hour sitting in the bus waiting for their passports, and before that, they spent 12 hours in the port terminal with very little food or water,” Wooten explained.

Three people were confirmed dead after a fire broke out on Ocean Cruises’ Insignia at Port Castries yesterday morning. All 600 passengers were evacuated. The ship had 400 crew members. The cruise ship remains docked at Port Castries.

The local agent for the cruise line, Cox & Company, was contacted by SNO, but no one was available for comment.                          

Source: (St Lucia News)

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