A for Artistry

Lashley says shows like Hennessy event deserves government support

The organizers of Hennessy Artistry have seemingly perfected the art of blending.

During the sixth annual version on Saturday night at Kensington Oval, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley told Barbados TODAY he believed the organizers had done extremely well in putting on the show year after year.

“The Hennessy Artistry production has continued to excite Barbadians and visitors alike,” he said. “I think that the crowd so far tonight shows that the brand is really taking off in Barbados. It is a calendar part of the cultural agenda in Barbados. Persons have actually demonstrated that this is a good show, and I think it is going to be fantastic, going forward.”

Lashley was of the view the show would be around for a long time because patrons were assured of quality.

“The food and the drinks add to the entire event. If you can get that right, along with the music and the comfort of being at an event such as this, I think that is something patrons would come back for.

“You don’t only hold an event and plan for now; you try to capture and retain your clientele. Give them a good show and they have a great time, certainly next year they would be your ambassadors for persons who may not have come to the event before,” Lashely added.

The minister, who was taking in the show with some friends, stressed that the Government needed to support events like that.

“These events help to stimulate activity in the economy, and we have been very keen on supporting them; and I think that is something that augurs well for Barbados, going forward.

“I think it is necessary and absolutely important that we as a Government support these events, and allow for them to grow, with the least number of impositions –– whether it be taxation, whether it be VAT, or otherwise.”

Lashley explained: “I say that because I believe that these events have a tremendous spin-off in the economy, and I believe that certainly going forward we have to find a way to allow for promoters of these events to feel a bit more welcome.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley sharing a joke with reggae artist Sizzla.
Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley sharing a joke with reggae artist Sizzla.

“. . . This event, of course, requires a number of persons to be employed . . . in relation to security, certainly the performances, lighting and sound, and beyond.

“Persons don’t come to these events without going into Bridgetown and other shopping areas and buying some outfit. So I know that these events add to the economic activity of the country and must be supported.”


3 Responses to A for Artistry

  1. Randy Hartman
    Randy Hartman December 11, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    politicians are something.. never miss a photo opp.. love to be associated with every ‘successful’ or ‘good’ thing even when they aint had squat to do with making it happen.. Barbados is rated as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to ease of doing business.. the bureaucracy, red tape, outdated laws and poorly run gov depantments.. you go through hell to make things happen then.. then the very bureaucrats come for a photo opp lol

  2. Asiba December 11, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Barbadians are hard to do business with on the whole.
    Try getting a comfortable noiseless ride in minibus/ZR
    Try getting an artisan to do some work for you
    Try getting a lawyer to complete work for you
    Try getting Judges/Magistrates to do their work in a timely fashion.
    Barbados needs reeducating

  3. DAP December 12, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    I hate when ppl try to pull down they own,Barbados is one of the sweetest place on earth to live even though that we are going through a phase,why you all do not go and try living in Syria or Iran or one of those places and try to stop pulling down d country asses


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