Government issues import reminder

The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a reminder to Barbadians who are travelling this holiday season that they must obtain an import permit from the Veterinary Services Department of the Ministry if they are planning to bring meat or other animal products into the island.

Meat and meat products in their original commercial packaging may be brought from the United States of America, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Commercially packaged cooked chicken and chicken products are also allowed from the Caribbean.  Food products of animal origin include but are not limited to fresh, frozen or chilled cuts of meat or poultry; cooked, smoked, cured, pickled, salted, dried or canned products, for example, sausages, hams, hamburger and other raw meat patties, hot dogs, haggis and blood sausages.

Also included are pastries containing meat fillings, for example, patties, meat rolls, rotis and pizzas; and dairy products including ice cream, yoghurt, cheeses and eggs and egg products.  These products must be in the original sealed commercial packaging and must not exceed 25 lbs (11kg).

Importation of poultry and poultry products from the United Kingdom is prohibited at this time due to the Avian Influenza outbreak.  However, other types of meat from the UK have not been restricted.

Also, individuals and places of entertainment planning to import items such as headdresses, masks or decorations, which contain feathers or other animal-derived products for the holiday season or for personal use, are reminded that import permits are also required.

Non-food animal products include but are not limited to loose feathers, for use in costumes and craft; products made from skins, feathers, antlers, hair, hooves, horns and bones; meat scraps and treats for pets.

Source: (BGIS)

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