Low key return

Darren Matthews fails to deliver in cycling race

Darren Matthews’ highly anticipated return to the local circuit ended up being surprisingly low-keyed.

Instead, it was the Heatwave Cycling Club’s duo of Jason Perryman and Joshua Kelly, along with Ross Callender who stole the show at the recently concluded Friends of Cycling multi-race night event, which took place at The Villages at Coverley.

Joshua Kelly rode impressively to capture the featured Sentry Insurance Brokers Devil Takes The Hindmost race.
Joshua Kelly rode impressively to capture the featured Sentry Insurance Brokers Devil Takes The Hindmost race.

While Matthews failed to record a single win in any of the three races staged, Perryman and Kelly, who both ride professionally in Trinidad, along with Callender all rode to victories.

After finishing third in the keirin behind Matthews and eventual winner Callender, Perryman returned to claim victory in the Blakey’s Restaurant 15-lap senior race, leaving Callender, who finished second and Jesse Kelly in his wake.

It was the younger Joshua though, who left tongues wagging with his impressive performance in the night’s featured event, the Sentry Insurance Brokers Devil Takes The Hindmost race.

He beat out over 20 other riders to claim the coveted top prize, ahead of Perryman and Matthews.

With the help of his older brother Jesse and Perryman, whose strategies helped to set the stage for an exciting sprint to the finish, Joshua was able to maintain his comfortable lead, and punched the air in excitement after crossing the finish line.

“I would like to thank my team mates Jesse Kelly and Jason Perryman for sacrificing themselves to work so extremely hard in the race to set up this win for me. In the last lap I attacked Matthews and Callender and they just could not counter so I gapped them with ease,” he explained.

In other results, Edwin Sutherland won the 15-lap race for juniors, while Chayne Goodman, Luke Staffner and Edward Julien won the juveniles, tiny mites and masters 12-lap races respectively.

Zane Maloney and Lyme Callender were also victorious in their children’s races, as so was Mark Haynes among the men and Dominique Marshall in the women’s races for the fun riders.

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  1. Gina Staffner December 8, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Was a good night of riding!!! the headline and opening paragraph are a bit misleading however as Darren Mathews returned to riding after suffering with Chikungunya and still came a very close 4th in his category and third in the Devil takes the Hindmost. Ross Callender won his first race and after fainting and being treated by the paramedics he still came back to be 4th in the Devil takes the hindmost race. In these circumstances I would expect a healthy rider to win – wonder how he will do when Matthews and Callender are healthy??


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