Police promotions case goes to trial

The case involving 14 disgruntled police officers, who are suing the Police Service Commission (PSC), goes to trial early next year.

This was confirmed to Barbados TODAY this afternoon by the legal representative for the officers, Queen’s Counsel Ralph Thorne, minutes after he emerged from a pre-trial hearing in the High Court chambers, where the officers have been contesting their exclusion from a list of promotions two years ago.

What is likely to be the final pre-trial sitting in the matter has been set for next Friday.

Madame Justice Elneth Kentish has already granted an injunction – brought by the officers – to freeze those promotions that were approved by the PSC until the substantive case has been adjudicated.

However, further controversy erupted in late October when it was learned that the recommendations of current Police Commissioner Tyrone Griffith had been sanctioned by the PSC, appointing several officers to acting posts in the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF).

Acting commissioner Tyrone Griffith
Police Commissioner Tyrone Griffith

At that time, the PSC Chairman Guyson Mayers had rushed to the defense of his agency, stating that no “dirty Press” would stop it from carrying out its mandate. He had also Barbados TODAY that the commission’s mandate was clear – the appointment of the Police Commissioner and members of the higher ranks.

But Thorne was highly critical of the PSC’s decision, describing it as contempt of court and shameful for the Office of the Attorney General.

The officers, who have brought the court injunction, were also exempted from the recent list of appointments even though they had been recommended by former police chief Darwin Dottin for promotion.

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  1. Tony Webster December 6, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Next year? Why the unseemly rush? Why not try A.D.R.? Would be quicker, and cheaper, and would have the bonus of demonstrating by good example to show how well this might work- from people right at the top, who hold all the answers (sorry), high cards.


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