No reason for alarm, says police spokesman

Following a bloody Independence weekend, lawmen are assuring members of the public that there is no need for alarm.

The scene of last weekend’s drive-by shooting in Danesbury Road, Black Rock,  St Michael.
The scene of last weekend’s drive-by shooting in Danesbury Road, Black Rock, St Michael.

During the three-day period, three people lost their lives and another seven were seriously injured in separate incidents, including a drive-by shooting in Danesbury Road, Black Rock, St Michael and a motor vehicle accident in St George.

“Our investigations are continuing at a steady pace,” Police Public Relations Officer Acting Assistant Superintendent David Welch told Barbados TODAY.

“We continue to investigate the fatal accident; we continue to investigate also the shooting which led to one death and multiple injuries. I understand that two persons are still hospitalized following that incident,” he said.

Welch described many of the recent violent incidents as “crimes of opportunity”, adding that “wherever the opportunity presents itself it may occur”.

However, he was adamant that the Royal Barbados Police Force was on top of the situation.

“We are reassuring the public that our high policing efforts are in full effect and there is no cause for concern at this time. We will continue to assiduously investigate all of these incidents.”

The Acting Assistant Superintendent also revealed plans for stepped up policing during the Yuletide season.

“What we intend to do is to engage the business community and community leaders in essential crime prevention strategies. So not only are we looking out for you, but we are looking for you to assist yourself and also the police in combating incidents of crime,” Welch explained.

He again called on the public to help lawmen in the fight against crime.

“We are asking persons that if they do see a crime being committed do not keep it to themselves but to share it with the police and we will make sure that it is investigated.

“If you have any information call us, that information will be held in the strictest confidence,” he promised.

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