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Special Olympics Barbados needs $250,000 for world summer games

Members of Special Olympics Barbados are hoping to raise $250,000 leading up to the World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California, in July, 2015.

The team’s public relations officer Edward Thompson told Barbados TODAY they were hoping to send 26 athletes to the games and even though Digicel and a few other corporate entities had come on board, they were in need of more sponsorship.

Felicia Mclennan taking this putt while other members of Special Olympics Barbados look on.
Felicia Mclennan taking this putt while other members of Special Olympics Barbados look on.

“We would like to see more corporate sponsorship. We do get sponsorship, but we could always use more. We could use more individual contributions
as well and we need funds where ever they come from,” Thompson said.

He said Digicel’s Road To The World Games fund collection had gone a long way in helping many differently challenge athletes in Barbados to achieve their goal of traveling and competing.

Thompson explained they were hoping that in 2015 they would be able to send a full team from Barbados to compete in various sporting activities including golf, track and field, bocce, aquatics and football.

Thompson also revealed they would be having a golf tournament on December 9 at Apes Hill to raise funds towards the games in Los Angeles.

Yesterday at the golf course in Durants, Christ Church members of Special Olympics Barbados held a golf event which was used to measure the progress of all the athletes involved in the Special Olympics Barbados Golf Programme.  In addition, two of the golfers from the programme –– a male and female –– will be selected to take part in the Summer Games next year.

The golfers tested their skills in six areas which included short putt, long putt, chip shot, pitch shot, iron shot, and wood shot.

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