Call him Sir Henry

Professor Henry Fraser always felt embarrassed being referred to as ‘Sir’ – the title given to him by a member of staff at the state-owned broadcasting service.

Now, he has officially earned it.

The legislator and historian has been named  Knight of St Andrew, topping the list of Independence honourees announced by Cabinet for his “extraordinary and outstanding achievement and merit in service to Barbados or to humanity at large”.

Specifically, Sir Henry received the award for his outstanding contribution to the medical profession and representation of Barbadian culture, especially in the form of the architectural history of Barbados.

I am both honoured and humbled because my life has been a life of service and I have to give credit for everything that I have been able to do both to my fantastic parents and to my wife,” he told Barbados TODAY.

My parents raised me from a small boy to understand that we were to do the best we could and provide service. My parents were poorly paid civil servants working in the parish of St John and I grew up as a small boy watching them serve the people of St John. To me, service is a privilege and an honour and I just used my life trying to do the best I can.”

The 70-year-old  former dean at the University of the West Indies retired in 2010 after 33 years of service to the university and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

He has been married to Maureen for 45 years.

He spoke about her in glowing terms, praising her for contributing to what he described as his “wonderful life”.

She’s the light of my life, the energy that keeps me going. Life is just so wonderful because you do what you can and you see the results when you are constantly told that you are appreciated,” Sir Henry added.

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