Sporting Expo underway

(L-R)Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley, Sir Garfield Sobers, and political counselor from the People’s Republic of China Zhu Songhua.

The first ever Sporting Clubs of Barbados Expo and All Stars Basketball Encounter was launched this morning at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

Those in attendance were Sir Garfield Sobers, Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley, chief executive officer of the Gymnasium Limited and the National Sports Council Jerry Blenman and political counselor from the People’s Republic of China Zhu Songhua, who toured several sporting booths on display.

Minister Lashley trying out darts.

Lashley said the expo adds to the list of events on Barbados’ sporting calendar, and would help make sports a “new economic frontier” for the island.

“This year’s expo, while signaling a new annual event in the Barbadian calendar, more importantly sets in motion the wider reality of a national vision, intent on positioning sports as one of the new economic frontiers of Barbados. That this is important to the shaping of our nation and the strengthening of a consciousness and commitment to an economic future that encompasses sport as a strategy of socio-economic importance cannot be over emphasized,” the minister said.

“The Government of Barbados and, indeed, my ministry are more conscious than ever that the advancing of such natural sporting talent to create even more meaningful experiences that embrace and create opportunities for a cadre of sporting professionals is a necessary ingredient to our productive future.”

He is a cricket legend but Sir Garry gave football a try during the expo.
He is a cricket legend but Sir Garry gave football a try during the expo.

The expo seeks to showcase sports and opportunities for sports development, while facilitating linkages between sporting bodies, communities and businesses.

Among the sporting associations taking part in today’s event were the Barbados Football Association, Barbados Lawn Tennis Association, the Barbados Darts Association, Barbados Amateur Basketball Association and the Barbados Rugby Union.

Barbados Rugby Union, public relation officer, Kathie Daniel told Barbados TODAY said staging a sports expo is an excellent idea.

“I think this is a very good idea to get everybody together under one roof and let the public come out and see what is available and be able to talk to people involved in the various sports.”

Some of the booths at the expo.
Some of the booths at the expo.

Later this afternoon the People’s Republic of China would donate several basketballs to the Barbados Government.

Following that activity, there will a celebrity shootout. Organizers say for every ball scored, $125 would be donated to two different charities, which have not yet been identified.

There will also be a basketball game between the ICBL All Stars Pride team and the Emera All Stars Industry for the coveted Gymnasium National Sports Council All Stars Championship Trophy.





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