Isolation centre will pose no threat

The Ministry of Health is taking steps to ensure that the centre set up to treat Ebola patients in Barbados is as isolated as it can be in its current location.

Isolation unit.
Isolation centre.

In a statement issued this evening, the Ministry said the area surrounding the Isolation Centre at Enmore, Collymore Rock, St Michael is being double-fenced, the fencing would be covered, and all windows were also being tinted opaque and the structure has been completed sealed.

The Ministry said assurances that the centre posed no threat to the health of residents, schools or businesses in the neighbouring community were given at a meeting of the Board of Management of the next door Ursuline Convent – the latest of several meetings the Ministry has facilitated with representatives of the school.

The Ministry will also be meeting with residents from the surrounding community next Wednesday.

“The Ministry acknowledges the anxiety expressed by some members of the public, and has made every effort to make sure that the facility is strictly isolated,” it said.

“The building . . . has been designed in strict compliance with international standards for infection control, waste management and air quality.”

“The Ministry assures the public that Barbados has a sound public health care system with trained staff in infection control measures and, in response to the current threat, training in the management of the Ebola virus is ongoing. It is therefore confident that the system will be able to safely manage and contain any case of Ebola if the need arises,” it added.

An Ebola training session will take place at the Isolation Centre tomorrow.    

Source: (BGIS)

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