TRINIDAD-Road rage killing

PORT OF SPAIN –– A driver was shot dead following an argument over  a minor accident on the highway today. Dennison Rodney was found dead on the road near his car, at around 4:30 a.m.

Police were told that Rodney, of Water Hole, Cocorite was headed west along the highway near Powder Magazine, when his car collided with another.

Both vehicles pulled to the shoulder of the highway.

Police were told that Rodney, 42, argued with the other driver and then returned to his vehicle. It is suspected that he was followed back to his car and shot.

Road rage

Rodney was on his way to work at the Diamond Vale Industrial Estate.

The killing led to a traffic jam on the highway, with a part of the road having to be cordoned off while crime scene officers investigated.       

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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