GUYANA-Man dies after stuck dentures in the throat

GEORGETOWN –– For ten days, 60-year-old Luther Miller had something stuck in his throat and did not know what it was. Even doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) didn’t have a clue what was causing Miller to have difficulty breathing.

They got the shock of their lives when they were finally able to remove the blockage. It was his dentures of seven teeth that had been there all the time.

Miller had swallowed his dentures while suffering a seizure almost two weeks ago at his Vigilance, East Coast Demerara home. He then lapsed into a coma.

But by the time the doctors were able to remove the dentures, it was too late; Miller succumbed on Saturday, a day after the successful surgery.

His sister Joycelyn Miller told Kaieteur News that Miller took ill two Thursdays ago and was rushed to the GPHC in an unconscious state.

Joycelyn said that after a few hours in the hospital’s Accident & Emergency Unit, her brother regained consciousness and doctors began treating him for a suspected heart condition.

He was subsequently admitted and transferred to the Male Surgical Ward. According to his sister, visits to him the next couple of days found him in a cheerful mood, although he was experiencing some difficulty breathing and swallowing. They all attributed this to his suspected heart condition, although they were unaware that he had any such complaint.

Days passed and Miller, his relatives and even the doctors treating him were not sure what was causing the problem.

“When he coughed, everything was coming through his nose and I thought it was just cold,” said Joycelyn.

Since more than a week had passed and his condition was not getting any better, doctors decided to examine Miller a bit closer and they soon realized that there was a foreign object blocking his throat.

According to his sister, Miller managed to relate to them that he was taken to the hospital’s operating theatre where he overheard a doctor telling a nurse that they would have to operate on his throat to remove whatever it was that was blocking it.

An X-ray was done and doctors made the shocking discovery of the dentures stuck in Miller’s throat.

“Initially when he did not find his dentures, he did not worry much since he thought they had dropped out of in the taxi that took him to the hospital, or he had forgotten them at home. Is when I go to the hospital on Friday his son told me that they find the dentures in he throat,” Joycelyn explained.

She said that she was relieved the doctors had removed the dentures and was hoping her brother would soon recover and go home.

But the story did not have a happy ending, since Miller succumbed the following day.

“Is ten days he had it in he throat and Saturday we got word that he had died,” the woman stated.

Kaieteur News was told Miller’s body was taken to a private funeral home without a post-mortem being done to determine the cause of his death.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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