Faith’s music future

Remember the name Faith Callender, because it will be one you will be hearing of for years to come.

The down-to-earth beauty is going full speed ahead with her singing career. And judging from her recent performance at the Honey Jam (@honeyjambdos) showcase, Faith is well on the way to great things. She performed her new original track Listen Careful, and for her it was an amazing experience.

“This Honey Jam experience was a bit different for me. In the sense that I did an original song; and I was really excited about it because it has been getting a reasonably good amount of airplay. So people were now getting into the song and the message of the song. So I was very excited to finally perform it at this Honey Jam,” Faith said.

Faith, as she performed at the Honey Jam Barbados event.
Faith, as she performed at the Honey Jam Barbados event.

She told Bajan Vibes that the song, which was originally supposed to be for Reggae On The Hill was written by Rhea Layne and she fell in love with it from day one. She said that taking part in Honey Jam this year was her way of getting the song out there.

“The whole fact that I had just released an original song! I saw that as a great opportunity to let a vast number of people hear the song and experience the song first-hand. So it was mostly for promotional purposes. And I just really wanted to experience Honey Jam again,” the 21-year-old said.

And she sums up her third Honey Jam experience as a different but fantastic one.

“I think there was more a sense of sisterhood with all of the girls. It was always positive energy РР not saying that the others weren’t; but it was just more positivity. Greater experience. The songwriting workshops were a plus. We were able to get a bit of both worlds. We had a mixture of artistes that succeed on some level of their career to really guide and help us.”

Faith added that she is currently working on a music video for the song.

Faith Callender: going full speed ahead with her singing career.
Faith Callender: going full speed ahead with her singing career.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes on a breezy afternoon in the UWI Pavilion before rushing off to a 3 p.m. class, Faith was not hesitant in saying that she could not wait until she finished her studies at the University of the West Indies, so she could devote her time solely to her music career.

“One hundred per cent music when I finish school! Honestly I can’t wait till school is over. It takes a lot of my time that I would love to be devoting to music; studying the business of it and being creative; being in studio 24/7. That’s my plan after school. So I have one more year of studying, then full on music from there,” she said with a bright smile.

But while in school, she is still doing all she can to propel her music career. The reigning Banks Calendar Girl said her reign had helped tremendously in advancing it.

“I would say I’m a li’l more sociable and just appreciating Barbadian culture in all aspects. As an artiste it has gained me more recognition. More people now know about Faith Callender. That’s why I had the name change from Fate. The love and support has been really growing. People now appreciate me as more than a calendar girl and a pretty face and in modelling. They know that story behind me. They know my music, my education, and my brand. It was a life-changing experience,” she added.

With regard to coming to the end of her reign, she said it was sad.

“I don’t know exactly how to put it, I won’t say that I am devastated. The experience for me was a really really good one, and I’m sorry it’s coming to an end; but I will transfer the crown and smile and be happy,” she said with a hint of regret, while adding: “I’m looking to further my connection with Banks. I will always be working with Banks promoting them, because they were very helpful to me for Crop Over 2014 and I can never forget that.  I hope to be an ambassador for them one day. “

The Caribbean beauty is now looking forward with bated breath to her blossoming career, and she can’t wait to experience it all.

“Next year Crop Over I’m looking to do a song with Lead Pipe And Saddis. Will be working with Blood as well, and hopefully I can do a collaboration with Alison Hinds as well.”

And with regard to her sound as an artiste, Faith told Bajan Vibes that all would be Caribbean-influenced.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on that. I want to mix Caribbean music into whatever I do. I have grown a love for soca music since 2014 Crop Over. I would still make my contributions to the Crop Over Festival. But I will look to do more reggae stuff and fusing it with international sounds. I would say my music would be Caribbean-influenced,” she reiterated.

Source: Young songstress recounts amazing Honey Jam experience

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