GRENADA-Attempted murder at court

ST GEORGE’S –– A young lady who was brutally attacked by an inmate just inside the intersection of the Grenville Magistrates’ Court Thursday last week survived after she was rushed to hospital with blood flowing profusely from a razor-blade inflicted laceration in the area of her throat.

The accused later identified as Sheldon Reuben of Pearls, St Andrew, then serving a six-month jail term, and also on remand for a number of other criminal offences, has now been slapped with an additional charge of attempted murder.

The accused was at the time in the custody of the police and was on his way to use the washroom, just moments after being made to sit in the accused dock at the Grenville Magistrates’ Court.

The accused being carried away from the Grenville Magistrates Court.
The accused being carried away from the Grenville Magistrates Court.

While in the washroom area accompanied by police, he approached the victim, greeted her with a hug and quickly extracted a razor blade from his mouth, which was allegedly used to slit the throat of the victim.

The victim, blood gushing from the wound, screamed as a number of police officers close to the scene of the incident pounced on the alleged culprit taking him down to the ground moments before he was handcuffed.

The rumble, which echoed loudly into the courtroom, interrupting proceedings, caused a number of people to hurry out, even police officers, into the direction of the noise to discover the cause.

The accused was quickly restrained and taken into the holding cell of the Grenville Court, while the victim was rushed to the hospital.

The magistrate, very concerned about the loud outburst, not yet aware of the cause, enquired from the prosecutor about the people standing at the intersection; she subsequently asked that prisoners be escorted under tight security at all times even while sitting in the dock.

The victim it was understood was one of the persons at the intersection awaiting her name being called, as she was the virtual complainant in the matter against Reuben. She was said to be also his ex-girlfriend.

Reuben’s name was later called, but all his matters were adjourned. The magistrate asked not to see him; mentioning that there was an occasion when the accused had threatened her.

He was later taken from the holding cell to the Grenville Police Station where the violent behaviour and shouting continued. He was saying repeatedly: “Shoot me. Ah ready to dead!”

Reuben was brought back to the Grenville Magistrates’ Court last Friday to hear his new charge. He walked quietly, well behaved into the accused dock waiting to hear his charge –– nothing compared to the day before.

Reuben was charged with attempting to commit the non-capital murder of Rockel Mark at the Grenville Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, November 6, just the day before.

The charge was read to him but he was not allowed to plead as the matter is an indictable one. The accused then asked the court if he could get bail on all his matters, but the magistrate reminded him that he is serving a sentence and that he would be remanded on that matter. He will reappear at the Grenville Magistrates’ Court on November 28.

Reuben was fined $750 just about two months ago, when he was jointly charged with another man with stealing a copper gourd, a charge to which he pleaded guilty.

Source: (Grenada Informer)

3 Responses to GRENADA-Attempted murder at court

  1. Conchita Moseley
    Conchita Moseley November 14, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Life without parole should be the sentence handed down to this S*******bag. (Why was he not searched for weapons before he was allowed in the dock….from de time he requested the bath room the guards should be suspicious, an old trick…..

  2. Sandra Norville
    Sandra Norville November 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    he real sick

  3. Glenda Ifill-Applewhaite November 15, 2014 at 7:47 am

    This is absolutely stunning! It shows the lack of professionalism exhibited by the police. A prisoner is a prisoner wherever he is. Prisoners cannot be allowed to “hug” persons in your custody. Why was he not thoroughly searched? A thorough search includes every orifice and the mouth is included in any search. Thank God the young lady survived. He needs the ” Old West Justice”. Hang him from a tree!


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