TRINIDAD-Relatives identify body of woman as mum, 49

PORT OF SPAIN –– The woman whose body was found tied to a tree on Tuesday afternoon in Brasso Seco was strangled. This was confirmed yesterday, following an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park.

The autopsy, police said, was done by pathologist Dr Eastlyn Burris after relatives identified the body as that of 49-year-old Irma Rampersad by her clothing.

“The body, I am told, was too badly decomposed for a positive recognition via facial features or body markers. So to that end, it is expected that we will secure DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid] samples for confirmation. However, the relatives were able to identify the body based on a grey dress that they said belonged to Ms Rampersad. Therefore, they believe that the body is that of Ms Irma Rampersad,” explained sources at Homicide.

The body of the woman, police said, had been tied to a tree, was partially naked, clad in a grey dress, and one of her limbs was said to be missing.

The discovery of decomposing bodies follows the disappearance of Rampersad; her daughters Jennelle Gonzales, 19, and Felicia Gonzales, 17; granddaughter Shania Amoroso, 14 months; and family friend Felix Martinez, 51.

A party of officers including the Fire Service, Defence Force and residents, led by Inspector Ashby, searched the forested area off Brasso Seco again yesterday.

A team of about 55 men searched areas close to where the body of the woman was found; however, no further evidence was gathered.              

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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