Artistry show to be the biggest yet

The upcoming Hennessy Artistry Show is one not to be missed.

According to FAS Entertainment director Al Gilkes, the event in Barbados is one that is at the forefront of an international brand, and one that will be spectacular.

The show, which will be held on December 6 at Kensington Oval, was officially launched last Friday at Divi Southwinds Resort.

Gilkes, who was speaking at the launch, said the show was very special and one that outshone all the others.

Al Gilkes addressing last Friday’s Hennessy Artistry launch.
Al Gilkes addressing last Friday’s Hennessy Artistry launch.

“Tonight is a very special night –– as is every time we launch this event. Hennessy Artistry, as a lot of people don’t know, is not a Barbadian show. This show in Barbados is just one of an international series of Hennessy productions which take place all over the world.

“What Barbados has that the others don’t have is that in six years of producing this event, we have brought it to a stage where it outshines all other Hennessy productions in the world. Ours is the most impactful in terms of the number of people attending, in terms of the number and quality of the entertainment stage at the event; more impactful in terms of the returns from the Barbadian public.”

Gilkes further added that over the last six years Hennessy Artistry in Barbados was so impressive that FAS Entertainment had now been sought out to produce Hennessy shows worldwide.

“Last year we were invited to prepare ourselves to go to the world –– wherever there is a Hennessy Artistry to show them how it’s done and how we do it,” he said.

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) chairman Alvin Jemmott said at the launch that he believed Barbados’ Hennessy Artistry Show was the perfect “blend” for locals and visitors.

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. chairman Alvin Jemmott believes the Barbados Hennessy Artistry Show to be the perfect “blend”.
Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. chairman Alvin Jemmott believes the Barbados Hennessy Artistry Show to be the perfect “blend”.

“This Hennessy Artistry event brings Barbadians and visitors alike together. Long may it continue to be an event where entertainment can provide that wonderful platform, where people can enjoy our country and, most importantly, spend money here in the country with us,” Jemmott said.

He added that the show came at the right time of the year.

“It creates a wonderful platform. There are a lot of other things going on in Barbados around that time, which also enhance visitor stay . . . like Run Barbados and the Race Of Champions. [But] none of those other events will supersede this event, because [the organizers of] Hennessey Artistry have been doing this for a while,” Jemmott said.

This year Hennessy Artistry will feature international recording artiste Joe, Jamaican artistes Konshens, Taurus Riley, Sizzla and Etana and Barbadian reggae artiste Buggy Nhakente.

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