Bountiful blessings

high noteIt was certainly blessing after blessing as the various artistes rendered their selections at Neesha Woodz and friends’ edition of Blessing After Blessing held at the Church Of The Nazarene in Collymore Rock, St Michael, Saturday evening.

The large number of patrons who turned out to support the event were baptized in a sea of song, dance and spoken word, and then emerged, washed in inspiration, praise and celebration.

Throughout the entire concert, there was rarely a time when people were not on their feet dancing, singing along or lifting their hands in praise as the Nazarene Church took on the appearance of a holy party with glow sticks being waved all across the sanctuary.

Singer Raphael Saul was one of the first performers to get the concert bouncing as his Oh Clap Your Hands, None Like You and I Love You Forever, Lord lured fans into a worshipful mood, bringing them to their feet –– thanks to his passionate musical ministry. However, even bigger blessings were to come. The crescendo of spiritual experiences intensified when vocalist Mya Daniel hit the stage.

Mya Daniel: an exhilarating and awe-inspiring performance.
Mya Daniel: an exhilarating and awe-inspiring performance.

I kid you not, the musical intensity and energy got bigger and bigger and more impactful, song after song, as Mya took her selections by the scruff of their necks and simply delivered, to my mind, the most exhilarating and awe-inspiring performance of the evening.

What made her ministry that much more adoring and magnetic, was the fact that the songs spoke of her near-death experience back in 1998, her miraculous victory over “the grave” and gratefulness to the Almighty. She could not have started with a more apt number –– Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me. This song underscores Mya’s –– and her parents’ relationship with Jesus even before her illness –– and the benefits of having such a connection. That song rocked the roof as she was able to express her pain and triumph with verve and conviction.

An adequate dose of rap was also thrown in by Obrian Ignite, which linked the song more forcibly with the younger people. It even connected with me. Smiling broadly throughout her time on stage, Mya’s gratitude continued with I Got To Love Him Back. And, spare a moment for her background vocalists. They were simply delectable!

It was reggae time next, as this dynamic female vocalist testified that it was God and God Alone who was responsible for her being still alive today. That rendition was out of the top drawer, ending her performance on an explosive note. I can still feel the vibes lingering in my mind. Exceptional, Mya!

The post-intermission segment resumed with the talented and well choreographed Vessels Of Honour Dance Ministry (VOHDM) taking to the stage. There was a brief, but appealing appearance in the VOHDM set by a male dancer, much to the delight of the audience.

As the blessing after blessing continued to remain affirmative, visiting guest headline act from Trinidad and Tobago –– Positive –– strolled onto the platform to shouts from fans, many of whom, by that time, had flooded the front of the hall.  Apart from a rather sedate start during the first couple of songs, DJ-type pieces, Positive, a multiple-award winning soca/reggae artist, his subsequent renditions hit home. It was evident that the audience, especially the youthful members, were waiting for his popular numbers to move to.

Trinidad act Positive in a stirring contribution to Blessing After Blessing.
Trinidad act Positive in a stirring contribution to Blessing After Blessing.

He obliged and announced the reggae hit Never Let Go. Patrons never let go as they sang along, their united voices filling the Nazarene Church Of God like a mass choir. The entire place then echoed with screams and shouts, accompanied by a time of “partying” to his biggest song of the night Blessing After Blessing –– the driving soca composition that gave its name to the event. It was this selection that climaxed Positive’s performance and even when the music stopped, the entire congregation was still singing.

Host Neesha Woodz naturally brought the event to a close as she took the fans through another round of celebrating. She transitioned from reggae to soca, to ballad, while injecting the audience with the kind of medication the doctor ordered.  This dynamic and energetic Barbadian recording minister took her people on a high with their bloodstreams flowing, with such renditions as I Know Who I Am, Adrenaline, He Is All Over Me, Express Yourself [latest release], More Of You and God Almighty Reigns. The hype dropped with more mellow and soothing worship and praise songs as all the artistes joined Neesha on stage to bring the curtains down with a powerful Amen chorus. Also performing was spoken word act Jim Barrow.

Host Neesha Woodz dynamically gave what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Virtuous Makeba
    Virtuous Makeba November 8, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Neesha Olivia Wooding great job! Blessings….

  2. Marva Tuitt
    Marva Tuitt November 9, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Wish I was there . Just reading this blessed me. Powerful!!!!


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