Reckless fools, says Jones

Biting criticism for Windies players

West Indies players who took strike action and abandoned the recent India tour, have come in for scathing criticism from former Australian international cricketer and commentator, Dean Jones.

In an interview with today, Jones described the Dwayne Bravo-led squad as “dummies”. Jones said he fully understood that the players needed to be paid but suggested they just hadn’t thought their actions through or worked out the implications. He noted tours had been abandoned before for reasons ranging from riots to assassinations, but the West Indies were the only ones to abandon a tour over money.

Dean Jones
Dean Jones

“But the player power is really poor within the West Indies; they just haven’t worked it out. Now let’s look at it like this, this has been the ninth time a tour has been abandoned since 1977. People have been killed, massive riots, assassinations, all these things, bombs and other problems. West Indies are the only ones that have gone home because of a pay dispute, like, really?!

“They really didn’t think it through. I even think that, what I believe, and my people tell me that there is some sympathy from the BCCI with the West Indian players.

“But don’t bring this stuff halfway through a tour and use that as leverage. What they [players] should have done was say to the BCCI, we want some advice about this from you and can you help us out. They need to understand India provides all the dough and they are the big bosses there whether they like it or not. They should have said well we’re not going to come to India in the first place so can you please fit Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or whoever in that spot and then BCCI would have had time to fit that in,” Jones suggested.

The former hard-hitting middle-order batsman said if India’s lawsuit led to the West Indies Cricket Board going bankrupt, the same players who went on strike stood to suffer. He said a financial disaster could even lead to a breaking-up of the West Indies team.

“Since they left halfway through a tour they’ve left them in a huge mess and now that’s left BCCI in a litigation situation with broadcasters, major sponsors and corporate partners. And they’ve got every chance they can get sued which would be followed by West Indies getting sued. The worst outcome is that if they do sue them for $70 million, the WICB becomes insolvent. So technically they could be disbanded and broken up and the only way we can see them play would be if Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica become playing countries.

“I don’t think that will happen but that can easily happen . . . . They just haven’t worked it through and now we hear that some of the players might be playing in the IPL. They just haven’t worked it through; they’ve been dummies, instead of working with the BCCI and the friends they made through the IPL, they should have said we are are coming over, can you help us with this situation? Instead they have acted irresponsibly,” Jones said.

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