Gigi’s into stylings and song

At some point in time you have heard of Gigi’s Jukebox. But have you ever met the woman behind it all?

Mikhailia Gigi Farier is a down to earth, ever focused free spirit, who describes herself as simply different.

“Yes, I am a very different person. I’m a lover of the arts. I love inspiring people, and I love to give back when I can,” Gigi said.

It is through her music that she likes to touch others.

“I like to inspire people. I like positive change. That’s the biggest part of my mantra. I try my best, but sometimes I fail miserably; but that’s life. I still try,” the former St Michael School student said.

Gigi told Bajan Vibes that she came from a somewhat “musical family” but never figured she would end up in music.

“I’ve always loved music. I guess I come from a musical family in a sense; we were always listening to music. We would wake up on Sunday or Saturday and would listen to music.

“I guess essentially I started singing when I was really young. Then I stopped singing for my secondary school life. Then I started back singing when I was at BCC. I started recording and that kind of thing. But I really started about four years ago when Honey Jam was launched,” she added.

And for Gigi, her real big break came through the Honey Jam showcase.

“I think Honey Jam 2012 was a real attempt year. That performance was freeing and the response was great, and that shocked me. Everyone was asking me where do I see you next or where they can find my music and I kind of had no next move to give them. So after that I started gigging, doing Gigi’s Jukebox; and that’s how that came about,” she added.

She told Bajan Vibes how Gigi’s Jukebox really started.

“Gigi’s Jukebox started just as an acoustic session. But it came about because I really liked vintage things. I liked things like jukeboxes and vintage fashion. I like old music. So I was kind of like a juke box; people were requesting music all the time. So I ran with the name. Then I started promoting it like mad –– Gigi’s Jukebox Sunset Soul which is at Zaccios [Holetown] and the acoustic soul sessions at Surfer’s Café [Oistins].


“So you have a West Coast option and South coast option,” the artiste explained.

But Gigi admitted she did not always have her mind set on being a singer.

“I used to daydream about singing on stage at the Grammys and stuff like that, but never imagined being a singer. I wanted to either be a lawyer, or work for Vogue as a fashion journalist.”

She even started taking the necessary steps to become a lawyer: attending the Barbados Community College to do the Associate’s degree in law and sociology. But Gigi soon realized she had another calling.

“I was doing wardrobe styling instead of going to class. I started wardrobe styling almost ten years ago now. I just liked style and creating. Arts clothes and accessories are my thing,” she said.

Looking at her, it isn’t be hard to tell she is indeed a fashionista. Sporting a red Afro and casually dressed during the interview, Gigi said fashion was easy and she loved styling people. She is now the fashion editor for the new BimROCK Magazine.


And, looking forward to whatever the world has to offer, she is ready to see her career take off.

“Some big things are happening. Next year, a couple things are happening; but I can’t really speak about them in detail.

“Hopefully some more jazz gigs. I would like to do Tobago Jazz and Naniki’s and that type of stuff. I guess when the timing is right those things will happen –– when I’m strong enough musically. That is definitely what I want to happen,” she said.

She describes her journey so far as enigmatic and says she is taking her time in honing her skills, because “I want things a certain way because I really respect my craft”.

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