Crystal crowned

After a keenly competitive night, Crystal Boyce emerged the winner of the 11th edition of the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant.

Richmond Gap had come alive last Sunday night when eight beautiful full-figured divas graced the stage of St Leonard’s Boys’ under the theme Higher Heights for 2014. Arriving
on stage as air hostesses, each contestant spoke with confidence as she declared her intention to take away the crown.

In each segment it was clear who the crowd favourites were. And, it is no surprise that at the end of the night only three points separated Crystal Boyce and Kimberly Walrond. These two were neck and neck in every segment.

Despite a few who did not agree with the judges’ decision and behaved rowdily after the results were given, the final ruling was pretty much accepted by patrons.

Emerging on stage in a close-fitting pants suit that hugged her curves, Kimberly Walrond paraded with assurance and flair across the stage. The eventual winner of Best Casual, Kimberly showed why she was one of the night’s favourites.

Best Lingerie went  to Kimberly Walrond.
Best Lingerie went to Kimberly Walrond.

The talent segment saw contestants displaying their singing, dancing and dramatic abilities. And at the end of the night, Akilah Martin (Miss Donelle’s Enterprises) was awarded Best Talent for her dramatic presentation of her abuse by her boyfriend entitled My Story.

Another strong dramatic performance came from Crystal Boyce as she identified with persons who were struggling to survive in this tough economic period with her piece entitled Hard Times.

The segment everyone was waiting for did not disappoint, as all contestants looked lovely in their lingerie. The girls all impressively displayed their sensual side, but one stood out even more. It was Kimberly, dominating with her two-piece zebra print outfit and fish stockings.

Formal Wear and Question & Answer came in the second half of the competition. With an off the shoulder gown entitled Old Hollywood Glamour, clinging to her figure, and accessorized with elbow-high gloves, Kimberly edged out all others to receive Best Gown.

The Question & Answer segment saw Crystal Boyce being brought back to the stage to repeat her answer as the ovation from her crowd of supporters was so strong, the judges had not at first properly heard her responseto the question asked.

At the end of the night, Crystal Boyce became the winner, ahead of first runner-up Kimberly Walrond and second runner-up Heike Batson.

Other prizes awarded were Miss Congeniality to Saundra Griffith; Miss Photogenic РР Heike Batson; Best Casual РР Kimberly Walrond; Best Talent РР Akilah Martin; Best Lingerie РР Kimberly Walrond; Most Improved РР Akilah Martin; Best Formal Wear РР Kimberly Walrond; and Miss Facebook РР Joyann Butcher.

Miss Photogenic Heike Batson.
Miss Photogenic Heike Batson.
Akilah Martin during her dramatic piece that won her Best Talent.
Akilah Martin during her dramatic piece that won her Best Talent.

Entertainment was provided by Shanique West, Lashana Lewis, Fantom Dun Deal, Stiffy, Biggie Irie and Multifurious Dance Group.

MC was writer and comedian Eric Lewis.

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