St Thomas residents to get relief from B’s

Residents of Cane Garden, St Thomas, who have been complaining for some time about the presence of a recycling plant in their area, could soon be breathing a sigh of relief.

That’s because the operators of the Reece Road business have finally been given the “green light” to relocate the entire operation.

Armed with the planning permission document from the Office of The Prime Minister and dated November 3, 2014, Managing Director of B’s Recycling Paul Bynoe told reporters he was now looking forward to the of start construction of a $25 million ultra-modern plant at Vaucluse, also in St Thomas, early next year.

Businessman Paul Bynoe is relieved to get the green light for a move to Vaucluse.
Businessman Paul Bynoe is relieved to get the green light for a move to Vaucluse.

With hands raised and shouts of praise to God, Bynoe, who was being sued for the environmental fall out from a fire at its metal dump in March last year, stood this morning on the 90,000 square foot plot of land for the new plant, which will be known as Rehoboth Recycling J’s Inc.

Anticipating an opening of the new complex by the end of next year, Bynoe said an additional 40 workers would be employed, bringing the total to about 160.

He pointed out, though, that he would need more technical people who were competent to operate the computerised equipment which will form the backbone of the new operation.

“Our next move now is to put finance back in place and try to get our location from Cane Garden here [at Vaucluse] . . . in order to process this material, containerise it and ship it off the island so it could bring in, I would consider, valuable foreign exchange that the island needs,” the businessman added.

Asked to comment on the fall out from the metal dump fire which sparked an outcry by residents in the surrounding communities and legal action, Bynoe noted that the matter was still before the court, adding, “I can’t say much about that.”

He however said that once the new plant was up and running, his exports would expand to markets as close as Trinidad and Tobago and as far as China.

The businessman, who is yet to determined what he would do with the existing 45,000 square foot site at Cane Garden, gave the assurance he would not be removing the protective fence erected around the controversial metal dump when he relocates to Vaucluse next door to two other recycling plants – Scrapman and SBRC.

The dual planning permission gives B’s Reclycing approval to erect a recycling plant facility and to subdivide land at Bennetts in St Thomas from other lands.

B’s has been operating from its present location since 2000.

Bynoe explained that the proposed new name for his company – Rehoboth – was a Biblical derivative which meant God is the Lord.                        

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