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Arnal Gozzy Goslin’s debut album Redemption Music is finally in hand and will be officially launched on November 8 during a musical extravaganza at the MPower Complex in Country Road, St Michael.

In the meantime, though, Officer –– one of the tracks from that album –– is now out as a single. Officer is a fusion of reggae and dubstep, and speaks about a confrontation between Gozzy and the “officer” who comes to falsely accuse and condemn him.

But fans have been champing at the bit in anticipation of the album launch where Gozzy will be joined by such headline acts as De Warrior, Nayan Mr Warrington Warrington, Neil Crichlow, Redbwoy, Ignyte, Larix and Pulse Radio DJs.

De Warrior
De Warrior
Nayan Warrington
Nayan ‘Mr. Warrington’

Commenting on the 14-track album, Gozzy said that Redemption Music was not the initial title selected for the CD; it actually went through two title changes. The first being Undeserved, followed by Get Back To You before a private poll among some of his fans and supporters confirmed what he felt was the God-given title.

“This is not the album I planned, but is the album God led me to deliver based on His divine will and purpose for this time.

“Throughout the whole process I was being lead by the Spirit to select or put on hold many songs. It is only after it was finished, and I reflected on the album during a conversation with my photographer Junior Morgan, that I realized the marriage between the spiritual direction and the vision of the album. God had a design and plan and was just using me to put the pieces together,” he recalled.

Gozzy said Redemption Music was a movement to reveal the truth: that true and complete redemption was only found in Jesus Christ.

“The track listing is not random, but by design to tell a story to the listener about living free and victoriously as the Creator created us to be. The story begins by first speaking about redemption from sinful slavery, to redemption from mental slavery, to a place of living freely in relationship, worship and thanksgiving to the Father, the singer/songwriter pointed out.

“This redemption story cannot be kept silent and must be taken to those who need to be set free. Hence the design concept of the album depicts Gozzy as a voice crying in the wilderness to the heart of those who are living in shame, affliction and bondage that there is a better way –– Freedom.

The colours used set the tone of the album being predominantly reggae, but also represents the warfare faced in taking this Redemption Music to the people.

The hundreds of patrons who are expected to pack the MPower Centre will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy such album tracks as All Of Me, Thank God For You, Get Back To You, Our God (featuring Hoszia Hinds), When I Can’t See, the title song Redemption Music, Officer and Undeserved.

Other songs on the new release are Walk On By, Still Rooted and Have Mercy, Jah Bless, Worship Is and Teach Me. The upcoming launch is presented by the Bethel Pentecostal Church for Gozzy.

Meanwhile Neesha’s Blessing After Blessing edition is just 24 hours away. All roads lead to the Church Of The Nazarene on Collymore Rock, St Michael, tomorrow evening where Neesha and friends have an explosive experience in store for fans. Multiple-award winner Positive out of Trinidad will be the main guest attraction. Local acts who will hit the same stage include Raphael Saul, Mya Daniel, Soul Winners, Big Jim and many more. The event begins at 6:30 pm.

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