WORLD-Children suing Malaysia Airlines

KUALA LUMPUR –– Two children sued Malaysia Airlines and three government agencies today over the loss of their father aboard missing Flight 370.

Jee Kinson, 13, and Jee Kinnland, 11, named the airline, officials at Malaysia’s civil aviation and immigration agencies, and the country’s air force chief as responsible for the loss of the jet that disappeared on March 8.

Their father Jin Jing Hang, 41, was on board the flight bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It lost contact with air traffic control over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Missing for 237 days now, Flight 370 carried 239 people, including 12 crew members. Malaysia, Australia and China are conducting a deep-sea search for the aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, where authorities say they believe it ended up.

Malaysia Airlines planes parked on the tarmac at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang
Malaysia Airlines planes parked on the tarmac at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang

In the suit, the claimants say the airline breached the agreement with their father for a safe passage when it failed to land in Beijing.

The claimants say that air traffic control failed to take sufficient measures to establish contact or to launch a search for MH370 within a reasonable time after it had lost contact with the Boeing 777.

The boys, who filed the suit through their mother Ng Pearl Ming, said the immigration agency had failed to vet passengers properly, resulting in some people with fake identification boarding the flight.

Two Iranians with forged Italian and Austrian passports were on the flight, according to authorities.

Against the air force chief, the claimants allege that the Malaysian air force failed or neglected to investigate an unscheduled flight, presumed to be MH370, after detecting it.

The government of Malaysia was named, as it is the employer and principal of the agencies named in the lawsuit.

Civil aviation director Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said he found out about the lawsuit from news websites.

“We just read this from the news websites and have not received anything official yet,” he said. CNN’s attempts to reach other agencies named in the lawsuit were unsuccessful.

The claimants are suing for loss of support from their father, who operated an Internet-based business.

Source: (CNN)

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