Police dispute adjourned until December 5

It is back to court on December 5 for parties seeking a resolution to the police promotions dispute.

Lawyers representing 15 law enforcement officers and the Police Service Commission (PSC) went to the High Court today for a pre-trial hearing in the complaint brought against the PSC.

The officers are claiming that the PSC, on recommendation from the Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith, excluded them from a list of promotions two years ago.

Since then, the court has decided to stop all further promotions until the ongoing case is determined.

However, last week the PSC approved recommendations from the acting commissioner and promoted a number of other officers in acting temporary supervisory positions.

The action has drawn the ire of Queen’s Counsel Ralph Thorne, who is representing the majority of the plaintiffs.

The attorney has described the move as contempt of court and embarrassing to the Office of the Attorney General.

In defending the PSC’s decision, Chairman Guyson Mayers said that the officers, through the court, had stopped promotions in the Force, but argued that the acting commissioner could not run the constabulary without supervisors.

Mayers also said that no “dirty press” would stop the commission from carrying out its mandate to appoint senior officers. The PSC is being represented by Tariq Khan.

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