An early morning walk out by workers at  Bank’s Holdings Limited  today took the company’s by surprise with CEO Richard Cozier  describing the action “an orchestrated wildcat strike”.

Eighty per cent of the company’s 500 plus workers employed at Bank’s Breweries Limited, Barbados Bottling Limited, B&B Distribution and the Pine Hill Dairy are today off the job.

The action by the production and distribution staff comes amid ongoing layoffs at the manufacturing company. So far nine workers have been sent home since September but Cozier said the Barbados Workers Union, the bargaining agent for workers, had been refusing to meet on the company’s restructuring plan.

He also told reporters that the break down follows a formal request made by the BWU on Wednesday for a meeting with management within seven days and concerns raised by the union that at least two of its members are among those due to go on the breadline.

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