The Blade headlining Darcy Beckles Classic

He is all cut and ripped for action.

One of bodybuilding’s best, Dexter The Blade Jackson will garner much attention tomorrow night at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre when he flexes his massive muscularity at the seventh Annual Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic. The 2008 Mr Olympia will share the stage with some of Barbados’ and the region’s finest musclemen.

(From left) Former primary school bodybuilder Kezza Goodman Hinds posing with Dexter Jackson today.
(From left) Former primary school bodybuilder Kezza Goodman Hinds posing with Dexter Jackson today.

During a Press conference held this morning at McEnearney Quality Inc (MQI) in Wildey, Roger Boyce, the organizer behind the classic said this year’s show was not just about two-times Mr Barbados Hoskyn Worrell or former Mr Bridgetown Stevenson Belle who have dominated the local circuit for the past couple of years. He added there were others guaranteed to thrill fans.

“This year is not just about Hoskyn [Worrell] or Belle [Stevenson]. You have Garvin Phillips who finished second in the super heavies at CAC [Central American and Caribbean Championships]. You have Steve Williams who is a multi-time national champion in Antigua and you have Ollyn Martin who was third in the super heavies at CAC. Most of the guys in the invitational class were in the top three at CAC. So I do not think it will be a walk over really for the guys here on Saturday,” Boyce said.

Hoskyn Worrell will be looking to win the Classic once again.
Hoskyn Worrell will be looking to win the Classic once again.

Boyce, a former Mr Barbados himself, added
that he expected the show to be of a very high quality even though the numbers of competitors are not that big this year.

At least 36 competitors, including representatives from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, St Lucia, Guyana, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua, are slated to strut their stuff on stage. St Maarten, for the first time in over two decades, will have a representative in the person of Cleo Carti in the female body fitness category. Competitors from five different categories will grace the stage to compete in the Men’s Invitational Classic which has $4,000 up for grabs.

Other groups include Men’s Physique, Body Fitness, Open Classic and Bikini Fitness.

Jackson, fresh off of winning the Dubai Bodybuilding Classic three weeks ago said this was his first time in Barbados and he was ready to take the stage apart.

“I keep myself in good shape throughout the year. I am not like most guys way out of shape and fat in off season. So I like to keep myself in shape at all times for stuff like this. Roger called me like two days ago; he needed my help and of course I am in great shape and I said why not. I had to go to California but I cancelled that trip just to be here,” Jackson said.

The huge 45-year-old bodybuilder explained that it was not easy getting to his professional level and that it took a lot of work, which involved proper dieting and eating the right amount of foods.

“Training is important but dieting and eating the right amount of food are important. Every two hours I am looking for something to eat. I know it sounds like a lot but I eat six to seven meals a day. A lot of people eat twice a day but that is not actually eating, that is not good for you because it slows down your metabolism if you are not eating frequent meals.

“For a normal athlete I would say like $300 to $500 a month of supplements. [That is] for an athlete who is trying to get to this level that does not have sponsorship. It is very important – supplementation. I don’t like to eat a lot so I supplement two of my meals so I probably eat about four meals or five meals and have two shakes,” the veteran bodybuilder said, while adding he trained one to two hours and a half every day.

Showtime is 6 p.m.

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