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Ask any Bajan about Peter Ram and they would tell you he is known for his “bashment and crankment” music, but this is not all the sometimes controversial entertainer wants to be known for.

“I can’t really limit myself to the soca and just call it that. I am not a calypsonian, I am an entertainer. I do all kinds of music. It’s dancehall that I am touching right now. You never know, next week you could hear me doing a little hip hop or a little rap of something. I’m doing music, man . . .,” Ram declared.

But he told Bajan Vibes that he has been going hard on dancehall since Crop Over ended.

“After Crop Over I left Barbados and went up to New York for Labour Day, did a couple shows, then I came back and discovered a nice One Drop Riddim in my email, sent from a good friend Ramon, and I decide to do a little something on it. It’s a new dancehall rhythm that he is bringing out for Independence so I decide to put a lil twist on the thing. Everyone knows me for the bashment and the crankment and them kind of things, so I decide to do a tune called Gun in hand.”

But just as he believes that “every man that is cooking food should sit down and taste the food before he share it out”, Ram took a look back at his recorded song and had second thoughts about it.

“I know people would look at it and take it the wrong way. So I said, ‘there is too much going on in Barbados. Look in the paper, go online, all you hearing is everyone getting shoot’ so I decide to bring out something name Say No to Guns. Plus I had a family friend who passed a couple months ago, got shot for nothing,” he explained.

In addition to the song, Ram is preparing to release a video.

“It’s not just a normal video. It’s a movie video. At the beginning of the video you will  see a clip of the block being robbed and how it really goes down. So people won’t just listen to the tune, and if they don’t really have a vision the video would provide the vision of the tune and what I’m singing about,” he told Bajan Vibes.

Ram said Bajans can expect the video by November, even though he would “like to let it go before then”.

But make no mistake, Ram still has his mind on Crop Over 2015.

Peter Ram wants to be known for   more than his ‘bashment and crankment’.
Peter Ram wants to be known for more than his ‘bashment and crankment’.

He served early notice that it will be one with a difference for him as he will not be focusing on the bashment music.

“Next year plan is a different thing. I’m going back doing the ragga soca vibe, easing off the bashment a little bit because everyone wants to be bashment now. So I’m flipping it a little. I will do dancehall until Crop Over come forward and then I will go back over to the Red Boys because for a while I wasn’t recording with the them; I was recording with everyone else. I’m going back in the camp and try to get a hit this time around, maybe try to sing someone else song. I never did it before, so I would try it.”

Ram is promising he won’t disappoint fans of his bashment songs, however, saying that he will sing at least one for them.

“. . . Whatever I do, you know I have to do a bashment . . . [but] not as much as before. I don’t really want to get into that . . . My main thing is to get back one of them sweet ones like Woman by my Side.”

With regard to the quality of music coming out of Barbados, Ram simply said he believes it is “beautiful”.

Pointing out that “even the Trinidadians are coming over now”, he said the synergy created good music for the people.

“We are joining up and I like the linkage. Some of the Trinidadians are writing the winning stuff. The quality of the music stepping up and everyone is working together; it’s a good thing. But the Bajan music real nice,” he said.

But we know the controversial entertainer has no problems speaking his mind and he addressed the issue of some entertainers wanting to boycott radio stations that don’t play at least 50 per cent local music.  Ram didn’t mince words when he told Bajan Vibes that he has no intention of jumping on that bandwagon.

“Not me, I’m not doing it!” he said.

“. . . Every individual is entitled to their own opinion and these are things that I talk about. People know me as the man that does talk the things and don’t care what happens afterwards. I believe that we as entertainers are powerful to have the mic and go on stage and say certain things. I have been drilling these things in the people head all the time I hold a microphone . . . these are things I’m accustomed preaching so why now them going and videotaping themselves bawling for people to play their music.

“You really can’t blame the deejays. You have to really sit down and study this thing. The boss man is who programmes what to play. The music has to be in the system for them to play the music. It’s a good idea but I am not doing it. If them want to do it, that’s up to them . . .,” Ram added.

But apart from that all, the singer said he is planning to stick with his music come what may.

“Til I die I’m doing this music. Right now I’m trying to learn to play bass. I bought the bass already. That’s my instrument, I love it, I want to learn to play so when I come on stage I can do something different. I just want to entertain, not just come on stage and stand up and sing. I like to have the element of surprise!” he added.


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  1. Rawle Maycock
    Rawle Maycock October 19, 2014 at 1:13 am

    That’s my entertainer.

  2. Rawle Maycock
    Rawle Maycock October 19, 2014 at 1:18 am

    ILove, a woman by my side.

  3. Greg Hurdle October 19, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    …and don’t forget that song in ’08- Smoke Signal


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