Bakr’s son: He’s not a threat

PORT OF SPAIN – Fuad Abu-Bakr, one of the sons of Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Yasim Abu Bakr, posted a cellphone photograph yesterday that appeared to show the 1990 insurrectionist being handcuffed at the Norma Manley International Airport in Jamaica yesterday.

On social media, Fuad Abu-Bark also posted an appeal, writing : “Jamaican authorities earlier today trying to reach a decision regarding Imam Yasin Abu Bakr.

An image on the Facebook page of Fuad Abu-Bakr which appears to show his father Yasin Abu-Bakr being handcuffed.
An image on the Facebook page of Fuad Abu-Bakr which appears to show his father Yasin Abu-Bakr being handcuffed.

“No one should be arbitrarily or vindictively refused entry or deported based on politically motivated discrimination.

“The Imam travelled to Jamaica today to visit his daughter who studies medicine at Mona Campus. He is also a guest of the Honorable Luis Farrakhan his long life (sic) friend who commemorates the million man march in Jamaica on Sunday. 73 years of age this Saturday, Imam Yasin, was extremely upset to be told on arrival that he, his wife and son were threats to national security and were to be sent back.

“The Imam frequently travels, health permitting, to a number of international destinations and has no convictions.

“After deliberations, the initial decision was reversed. His son and wife were allowed entry and they attempted to deport him alone. He refused, [saying] (sic) that he wanted clear information how he could be perceived as a threat to Jamaica. He stated that as a Caricom citizen he was willing to be carried to court to assert his rights to freedom of movement in Jamaica and the Caribbean. He asked to be detained and carried to court to prove he could not be viewed as, and is not a threat to Jamaica. He asked for proper proof or information to be presented. Immigration authorities are still struggling to deal with the matter.”

As the matter escalated, Fuad Abu-Bakr wrote and shared: “How could Imam Yasin Abu Bakr 73 on Saturday coming with one of his wives and son on a trip for six days to visit his daughter at Mona Campus and as a guest at the commemoration of the Million Man March with Minister Luis Farrakan be a threat to national security in Jamaica? Who gave Jamaican authorities this information? A man who has travelled to over 60 countries in the world and does not have a criminal conviction despite the political rhetoric. Is this a regional immigration issue? Is it the mischievous work of politicians in T&T or Jamaica?”

Yasin Abu-Bakr was expected to be returned on a flight from Jamaica early today.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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