Insecticide sales up, reports McBride

With the spread of the painful Chikungunya disease in Barbados, local manufacturer of aerosol products McBride Caribbean Limited is reporting a significant increase in sales.

Divisional general manager of manufacturing John Taylor told Barbados TODAY that though the company would normally see an increase in demand during the hurricane season, this year it was even greater.

He reported that within the last two months alone, overall sales had increased by about 20 per cent, compared to last year. He further pointed out that the Go insect repellant saw an increase in sales in excess of 30 per cent.

McBride Caribbean Limited is the manufacturer of four brands of aerosol products – Bop, Suretox, Beep and Go.

“[The spread of Chikungunya] has caused an increase in our sales, which is a significant increase. We of course sell our products right across the region and this outbreak has affected the whole region. So our Bop insecticide is the number one brand right across the region and as such we have seen quite a significant increase in demand,” reported Taylor.

“We have found that as consumers have sought to take precautions both in their homes and on themselves, they have sought out our products and we are grateful for that. We are pleased to be a part of the solution in containing this horrible disease,” he added.

With more than 40 cases of Chikungunya confirmed here and hundreds more suspected, Taylor said that the company was also bracing for higher demand.

“We are able to keep up. We have a very modern plant, the most modern in the Caribbean region. Our plant is able to cope with increased demand. We normally see some increased demand this time of year anyway because of the rainy season that affects the whole Caribbean, but this year we have seen quite a significant increase on top of that because of this particular disease,” added Taylor.

The Lowlands, Christ Church company currently exports about 85 per cent of its production to 23 territories in the Caribbean and the Americas. Barbados represents the other 15 per cent of production. In total McBride sells in excess of five million cans of product yearly.

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