BFA stages successful retreat

The Barbados Football Association and personnel from the FIFA Management Performance programme recently concluded its organizational and leadership retreat. The week-long retreat from October 6 to 11 was a holistic study of the current BFA operations, its staff and other stakeholders in football in Barbados.

“The Barbados Football Association is embarking on a whole new era and the just concluded FIFA organizational and leadership retreat has set us on that path; moreover it was very pleasing that our government officials were receptive to our plans for the development of football,” said president Randy Harris.

Such plans include FIFA Community Grassroots Programme for children ages 6 – 12, training for parents and teachers as well as youth ambassadors.

The officials from FIFA had praise for some of the initiatives already put in place by the BFA which includes its new finance policies, the hiring of the technical director and general secretary as well as communications and marketing personnel. One of the main concerns raised were brand awareness regionally and especially locally among other things.

At a meeting with sponsors, they noted that football had the largest participation and fan base in Barbados and indicated their intention to embraced the BFA’s plans fully.

The FIFA delegation also had a candid conversation with various media officers to ascertain how they perceived the football administration and its standard of play. Although they were happy to say that information has been easy to access from the BFA there was dissatisfaction in the lack of facilities for media at football as well as opportunities for ascertaining post-game reports.

BFA president Randy Harris (with ball) and other members of the participants in the FIFA workshop.
BFA president Randy Harris (with ball) and other members of the participants in the FIFA workshop.

Through this interaction the members of the FIFA delegation were able to provide recommendations for change. Change that includes the major findings from the stakeholders and the FIFA delegates themselves. The FIFA delegates insisted that new business strategies must occur in key areas such marketing, media relations, collaboration with government and other sporting bodies, along with changes to the various leagues and stadium infrastructure. 2015 promises to showcase new improvements to the football landscape in Barbados.

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