Call to remove taxes on imported electric cars

One of this country’s major trading partners will be lobbying the Freundel Stuart administration to remove the “burdensome” taxes on imported electric vehicles.

Minister for the Caribbean in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, James Duddridge, gave that indication minutes after test driving one of a fleet of electric-powered Nissan Leaf cars during a ceremony outside the Wildey, St Michael offices of Megapower –– the local company which imports the vehicles from the UK.

British Minister of State James Duddridge about to test drive an electric car in Barbados
British Minister of State James Duddridge about to test drive an electric car in Barbados

Duddridge, who is in Barbados for cooperation talks with Government officials, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and the private sector, pointed out that in Britain, there were no taxes on electric vehicles.

Asked if he would put the tax proposal to the Government when he met with officials, he replied: “Definitely. I was even hoping to drive across to the Prime Minister’s office in an electric car.”

“I think these cars are still too expensive to bring into Barbados. So, given the contribution they make to the environment, they should be cheaper to bring in than diesel and petrol cars. I think something should be done on taxation to make them cheaper to bring in,” the minister added.

Duddridge said he believed that many island nations would embrace this technology over time.

“These electric cars are absolutely fantastic. They are made in the United Kingdom and, importantly, they make a contribution to the environment in Barbados. They are better for the environment and to be frank, having driven one, they are simply better than the petrol and diesel cars we drive in the UK,” he said.

Duddridge’s call for Government to ease the tax burden on imported electric vehicles was echoed by Joanna Edgehill, director of Megapower.

She said while Government was giving some support to the sector, she was concerned about its continued imposition of the taxes.

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2 Responses to Call to remove taxes on imported electric cars

  1. jr smith October 8, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    We must beware of people in politics advising us , on anything to do with gas, electricity, water and vehicles.
    Politicians , forced us all to purchase diesel vehicles and look what the hell happen, more expensive than gas, just corporate corruption. beware.

  2. Leaf Owner October 10, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    I own and drive a leaf in Barbados and rest assured you will be spending 1/3 to 1/4 the price on electricity than you would be on petrol.


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