Draughts tourney nearing its climax

This Sunday’s final of the national team draughts tournament pits the unbeaten and experienced St Martins against a Lodge Road A team with a disregard for names on paper.

St Martins were given some fight from the Lodge Road B team but their experience prevailed Sunday in a 25-15 win. Lodge Road A raced to a 13-7 lead at half-time in their semi-final against the Magicians. But the squirts of magic in the second round were inadequate to prevent a 22-18 triumph.

St Martins would be pleased with the continuing good form of Richard Grazette who engineered two wins, but the Lodge Road B team showed they have weaknesses. While Grazette defeated Hallam Hope 1-0 and Carl David 2-0, Andrew “Lion” Harris made light work of the King Of Cross Darwin Lorde and Cedric Fields by the 1-0 route. The St Martins captain Lorde also lost in a rare incident 1-0 with Hope when he attempted the impossible feat of eating backwards with a common man and lost on the “false and improper move” rule.

Agard was the other top performer for St Martins with a 2-0 win over Mark Barnett and 1-0 against Carl David. Whitfield Festus Robinson turned up the heat on the Magicians with a 2-0 trouncing of Winston Lowe while team-mate Nathaniel Thani Grosvenor clipped the wings of Gregory Simmons 1-0.

This Sunday’s closing match-ups will see the Magicians playing Lodge Road B for third and fourth places at 4 p.m at Bush Hall, while St Martins and Lodge Road A clash in the final immediately afterwards.

Source: Hallam Hope

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