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Springer memorial school celebrates 50 years

Springer Memorial School has come in for high praise from Minister of Education Ronald Jones.

Delivering remarks during the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations this morning, Jones lauded the school’s exemplary academic work, sports accomplishments and outstanding management.

In fact, Jones said he had no problems as far as leadership at the school was concerned.

“Coming into the ministry . . . I had all of these grand expectations and I must say that there has not been any betrayal or any denial of those expectations relative to the Springer Memorial School,” he said.

Thanking the principal Pauline Benjamin for her work, Jones added: “There has not been one occasion on which I have been here having reason to speak to the leadership of the school. I have had the fullest support of Mrs Benjamin.”

Jones added that he was “blown away” by the school’s presentation that demonstrated how it would go about introducing a sixth form.

“I had no hesitation whatsoever. It was so seamlessly and brilliantly done. Springer Memorial has moved seamlessly along,” he said.

During this morning’s ceremony at the Government Hill institution, past and present students and members of staff demonstrated their love for the school and the contribution it has made to society through speeches, songs, poems and even a steel pan performance.

Students at this morning’s special ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations.
Students at this morning’s special ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations.

A plaque was also unveiled to mark the occasion.

The principal said the school’s current management was extremely grateful to past principals and teachers who would have influenced the lives of students in a positive way.

“We know that Springer Memorial graduates are found all over the globe, in all walks of life, making significant [contribution]. The present students need to appreciate their history and the rich legacy and the contributions and that’s why I am very happy that the past students are here so that they can see that you too were students like them and you are making your contribution to society,” she said.

Benjamin remarked that such an event was important as the school celebrated at achievements, celebrated and looked forward to a bright future.

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