Promotions pressure

Mottley blasts move by acting police commissioner

Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith is facing pressure over reports that he has put forward a list of names of officers for promotions despite an ongoing court battle over a similar matter.

The issue was raised last night by Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley, who pulled no punches as she blasted the decision to recommend new promotions at this time.

“[Those involved in the current case will] go to court to pursue their legitimate right, as is allowed under the Constitution of Barbados, only to find in the last week . . . that recommendations have now gone yet again, from an acting commissioner, for promotions in circumstances where those matters have not been disposed of by the law courts of this country. It is a travesty,” Mottley said.

Her 90-minute presentation focused on what she termed “the summer of discontent” – a situation she said had contributed to a social crisis in the country.

Mottley said the problems included the poor collection of garbage by the Sanitation Service Authority and the decision to construct a multi-million dollar headquarters rather than acquire more trucks; removal of routes by the Transport Board; financial challenges at United Commercial Autoworks Ltd; spending cuts at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and security fears in light of the recent stabbing at the Accident and Emergency Department; and the decision to have Barbadian students pay tuition at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies.

Crime, she said, was also a major factor.

“The robberies that attend to people coming from places of public entertainment or eating as they return to their cars are causing anxiety among people in this country,” the Opposition Leader said.

Alluding to the shooting of a man at the beach in Fitts Village, St James earlier this month, Mottley added: “That same week I had cause to meet with a number of business people, many of whom came in from the United Kingdom. One of [them] is a returning national and his son has a business in England and he said to me that he had to ask himself seriously whether this was the Barbados . . . that he has encouraged people to come to invest and live.”

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