Shy Scott with a big voice

Whoever said it was impossible to be laid-back, down to earth and shy, and still be a radio deejay? Well, Scott le Roc could prove them wrong. Notwithstanding his introverted personality, Scott is yet bent on further making his mark within the deejaying fraternity.

After a school trip to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, as an Alexandra student, something sparked Scott’s interest in deejaying, leading him to a world he had never thought before he would be a part of.

“I am a very quiet guy who no one would probably believe to be a radio deejay. I always thought I would be a politician, or something like that.

“I was strictly into the books; was a little bit of a nerd . . . but then I discovered music and the turntables; and the rest is history.

“I never quite decided that I wanted to be a deejay. I think Jude The Dude was still on 98.1 when we toured the station, and when I saw him playing around with the stuff in the studio, I said I liked that. And he was telling us all about mass com at BCC and what not. So I decided I would try to get in and I got in; came to Hott for an internship, and I got a job.

Scott has not looked back after being offered work at the station. He has been a radio personality for the last five years, and to him it comes easy now.

Scott le Roc hasn't looked back.
Scott le Roc hasn’t looked back.

“To me, it’s not that different from any other job. I plan my day, I come to work, try to execute what I plan, go back home, and do it all over again.”

But this is not to say Scott does not try improving on his job.

“I want to be the best at what I do. That is what drives me each day. I want to keep getting better. I listen to people like Carol Toppin, Maurice Norville and Ronnie Clarke when I get a chance . . . . They have been in it so long, they just flow! That’s something that I’m working on personally. I listen to BBC Radio 1 a lot as well to get tips,” the 30-year-old said.

And Scott would be quick to tell you that “I am definitely not a bashment deejay”; but he does not see himself as any lesser of a deejay.

“I guess I am what a deejay’s supposed to be. I can play anything; but I wouldn’t put myself in one specific category. I like playing music a bit more than announcing . . . but that’s not to say announcing is not close to my heart too.

“It never gets boring. You never know what is going to happen; what is going to come up; if the song is going to stop in the middle and you have to find something to say,” Scott added.

And if he wasn’t a deejay, the field he would prefer to be in would come as a shock to most.

“I still would like to do electrical engineering. That was the plan when I first got to Hott: be a freelancer for a bit, save some money and then go do it; but then I realized you don’t really make that much money in radio; so I put it on hold for a bit,” he said.

And while he admitted that he had stepped away from actual deejaying for a while, he said that he was now earnestly working to get back into it and make himself more marketable with the help of his manager Sharlene Browne.

Scott's working to get back into it.
Scott’s working to get back into deejayng.

“. . . When I’m on air, I’m not really on the deck a lot, because I have a deejay. But that’s something I’m working on. I actually just bought some equipment, because I had sold all of [what I had previously]. With the help of my manager, I’m trying to get my image out there some more, because I’m a really quiet guy.

“I was never into the ‘I am Scott le Roc thing’, but I realize that’s very important now in these times. I am also looking to do some touring and some international acts. Developing stronger relationships with deejays abroad,” the Converse ambassador said.

Apart from deejaying, Scott, who is also a part of the Digicel family, said he intended to launching his own voice-over company –– iRoc Media –– in the near future.

“I already do a lot of commercials and ads. I just haven’t officially launch [the company]; but I will do it very soon,” the down to earth deejay says.

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