Praises to St Leonard’s sixth

The St Leonard’s Secondary School is on an upward path; and principal Joseph King is singing high its praises since its commencement of the sixth form. King expressed to Barbados TODAY recently his excitement about the new addition.

“Any institution that has transitioned like St Leonard’s has, and has reached the status where a sixth form is granted, has indeed come a long way and is extremely important.

“We are starting in an area where it is not the traditional sixth form, which is why we didn’t have many applicants. Our start will now involve our students because they have been an improvement in our results; and we have selected 32 students to be involved in this process.

“We started on a single subject basis, which again is unique. We are doing communication studies, which is compulsory; and the second year, Caribbean studies. But our main interest is geometrical drawing and design, and technology. These are the areas St Leonard’s has started on,” King said.

Although the sixth form only officially began from this September, King said the school had been granted permission to start since last year.

“The Minister of Education in 2013 announced Springer, Alexandra and St Leonard’s, granting them sixth form status. We did not start then, but this year we made a conscious effort to start,” he said.

He added that the students enrolled in the sixth form were just as excited as he was.

“You should have been there to capture the smiles on their faces when they donned the sixth form tie, because the significant difference in the sixth form students is the maroon tie with the school crest. They were so happy that they summoned me to have a photo taken with them on that historic occasion of the first cohort of sixth form students at the school,” the principal divulged.

King said that the move was a significant one and had further placed the school in the eyes of many as one “of choice”.

“St Leonard’s has been in transition pre-2008 and has slowly been moving to the stage where the public has recognized its significance and input. We have attained and achieved so much, that we are now a school of choice –– highly recognized, highly respected in sports; clearly noted for the discipline of the students and the calmness of their school climate,” King said.

He further made mention of Commonwealth Scholar Corey Drakes who is a graduate of the school, describing his as “one of our shining lights”.

Chemar Holder, one of the first-time sixth formers, said he was looking forward to the new journey.

“It is a very good feeling because I get to do a subject where I have to do a lot more hard work, because it is not like CXC subjects. Have to put in a lot more effort than I did before. I am looking forward to it . . . . I am thinking about the end game,” Holder said.


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