Broomes back to school tomorrow

Controversial principal Jeff Broomes will be at the Parkinson Memorial School tomorrow, for the first time since the start of the school year.

Broomes, who was on sick leave before the start of the term, said today that while he was expected to attend a meeting for principals at the Hilton Barbados at 8 am tomorrow, he will be starting the day by addressing his students and staff at morning assembly.

Parkinson Memorial School prinicpal Jeff Broomes.
Parkinson Memorial School principal Jeff Broomes.

Speaking to the media during a press conference at the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) this morning, Broomes said he was in good health once again.

“I am definitely due back to school tomorrow. I am ready to go,” he said.

Broomes will be going back to school amid reports that some teachers are dissatisfied with his leadership style – a complaint similar to that lodged by teachers at the Alexandra School which he previously headed.

However, he told the media today that he was “very comfortable that my approach at Alexandra was the right one.”

Broomes said he held a management meeting every Tuesday at the Parkinson Memorial School where any problems or developments at the institution could be discussed.

“I will never in my life try to be all things for all people and that is why I would never be a politician. I have certain values in my life that I live by and I know that I did not become an educator to be friends with anybody or to be anything else,” he said.

“I always believe that values and professionalism must always trump friendship and association.”

Broomes added: “I sleep comfortable when I look back and I am able to hear from students and people that I have touched. I don’t stress at all.”

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