461 pounds of beach garbage

Figures for the volume of refuse collected during last weekend’s annual International Coastal Clean-Up continue to pour in.

At Morgan Lewis Beach in St Andrew, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) partnered with Coca-Cola for the annual Coca-Cola Coastal Clean-Up, removing a total of 5,731 items that equated to 461 pounds of debris. The group of 116 volunteers spanned various special interest groups and organizations, including the St Andrew branch of the District Emergency Organization, the US Embassy, Lions Club of Barbados –– Scotland District, and the Barbados Hiking Association.

Members of the Rotary Club of Barbados and the St Andrew Parish Independence Committee, including St Andrew Parish Ambassadors Jabario Newton and Kacia Chaplin also lent their support to the cause.

Garbage was not only collected, but carefully sorted.
Garbage was not only collected, but carefully sorted.

The top five items collected during the clean-up of the one-kilometre stretch of beach included plastic pieces, plastic bottles, bottle caps, rope and foam pieces.

Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) category manager (sparkling soft drinks) Jeremy Foster noted it was especially important for beverage producers to educate consumers on
responsible waste practices and that Coca-Cola was pleased to lead the charge.

“It is important for us to not only raise awareness, but actively participate in an effort which seeks to rid our coasts of marine debris. For us at BHL and Coca-Cola, having the opportunity to partner with the EPD for this year’s Coastal Clean-Up was fantastic. Our beaches are some of our country’s greatest assets and it’s up to us to keep them pristine.

“Initiatives like this are important for us, and, considering the great turnout on Saturday, we know it was a very successful event. We want to thank the EPD for their incredible efforts and allowing us to be a part of it all,” Foster said.

EPD director Anthony Headley thanked BHL for the partnership and reported that the clean-up was a success.

Organized by Ocean Conservancy, the International Coastal Clean-Up inspired action to remove trash and debris from waterways and, in the process, help change the behaviours that allowed these items to reach the water in the first place.


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