BCA’s strategy

CEO to roll out plan next month

The Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) will reveal its strategic plan on October 1, says recently appointed chief executive officer, Jefferson MIller.

The BCA's chief executive officer Jefferson Miller rolling out a strategic plan for cricket next month.
BCA’s chief executive officer Jefferson Miller

“Most of the plan which will be the road map for taking cricket in the island forward has been competed. It is our intention to share it with cricket

stakeholders on the first of next month’ Miller told Barbados TODAY.”

He explained that one of the key objectives of the strategic plan was to develop a structured and effective organisation that would deliver a first-class product.

“The motto of the BCA for the last few years was making Barbados’ cricket strong again. It is now time to strengthen the body which has the

responsibility to deliver that product,” Miller explained.

He did not reveal any contents of the plan but suggested that cricket clubs should play a more structured role in the development of the game.

“I am hoping to get the clubs to a level where they can employ professional staff,” Miller said.

The new CEO indicated that under his management there was going to be a close relationship between the BCA and the media.

“There is going to be a different outlook and a rebranding of the image and relationship between the BCA and the Press during my tenure,” Miller said.

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