Guards stage sick out

If security guards at the Barbados Community College (BCC) who staged a sick out today do not report to work tomorrow, the college may have to look at bringing in a private firm to do the job.

That was the word from BCC’s chief of security, Patrick Sealy, who confirmed this morning that guards who monitor activity across the campus did not report for duty today.

He could not say what may have lead to the action, but assured that security at the college would not be compromised, as contingency plans would be implemented.

This morning, private security personnel took up their usual spots at the gates of the Howell’s Cross Road, St Michael educational institution. However, it was the guards hired by BCC specifically for internal campus security that did not show up.

“It is not the first occasion that this has happened and we will be looking into the matter to see exactly what the problems are and so on,” Sealy told Barbados TODAY.

“In the meanwhile, we have been able to implement some contingency plans so the safety of the student population or the workers is not at risk at this point in time.”

According to reports reaching this newspaper, when students and tutors turned up at the college today, classroom doors were still locked and Sealy had to open most of them himself.

Efforts by Barbados TODAY to speak to principal Dr Gladstone Best proved futile as we were told that he was in a meeting and was unavailable for comment.

When contacted, Dennis Clarke, general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers that represents the security guards at BCC, said he was not aware of any industrial action taking place at the college.

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One Response to Guards stage sick out

  1. Martyn Ackee Tree
    Martyn Ackee Tree September 23, 2014 at 12:22 am

    Between me and you … the guards at BCC are very friendly and do a great job but I have a problem with some instruction / orders that they have been given to enforce and that is this ridiculous rule about having to pick up and drop off on the outside of the property. First of all, from the time you enter the facility as a student you are told from day one to the very last day that you leave (hopefully graduate) that you are now an adult and you are treated like an adult. Yet this primary school security is such that students have to lime on the side on the road until pick up. It causes congestion along with the mini-buses, ZR’s and other traffic that is mostly not concerned with BCC. This presents a liability problem that each student should now has to face while waiting to be collected after classes.
    If security is a problem of the people that come and go, perhaps better training for the guards would be an answer and no having to make the students & private transportation arrangements find difficulty in an otherwise easy exercise.
    Here now to compound the problem is that according to the guard at the main gate the other day … You can’t enter, so I query if I can park and go and collect my passenger … response is that I can’t walk in either. My question to him was … how then do I let my passenger know that I am her to collect them” To which he had no reply. If it is the Principal please review this matter, if it is the guards …. Please review this situation. You have implemented a plan that makes Peter pay for all. Amazingly however, when the rain is falling, the security does not even ask a question … they just wave you through.
    Can you imagine if that were to happen at Cave Hill or SJPP, the 2 other revered adult institutions on the island. This is a crazy, stupid & I am sure well thought out plan of securing the students but in my opinion an bit too authoritative and archaic in practice with so many other modern methods of securing properties.
    The Students GUILD needs to address this matter as well as some form of a parent representative body, because very much these days the GUILD has no equity.


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