Mothers want justice

Mums lament apparent lack of progress in sons’ killings

Two mothers, living in two different parishes, are crying out for similar reasons today.

Calling in Barbados TODAY to voice their anger and express their frustration, both mothers said they wanted justice for their murdered sons.

At Crusher Site Road, St James, Morset “Stella” Clarke lamented that the one-year anniversary of the death of her son Ronnie Omar Clarke, who was gunned down outside his home, would be observed on November 3, and she was yet to hear from police about any advancement in the case.

Stella Clarke just wants somebody to be charged with the death of her son Ronnie Clarke, who was shot last November.
Stella Clarke just wants somebody to be charged with the death of her son Ronnie Clarke, who was shot last November.

On August 19, Markley Williams was shot multiple times about the body by an unknown assailant, becoming Barbados’ 19th murder victim for the year. Almost one month later, his mother Catherine Williams is still greatly traumatized over her loss.

Clarke said she could not understand why people were being charged with murders that took place after her son’s, and all she was being told by lawmen was that her son’s case was still being investigated.

She indicated that she constantly received feedback and tips that could lead to progression in the case.

“Up to day before I passed on information to the police and they told me that they were going to work on it. I am not saying that they are not doing their work because I know that there is a lot of work out there to do.

“But I mean, I am so frustrated. I just want a closure to this thing. I just want answers. I just want justice. It got me here so sick. I tired; I fed up,” a still visibly shaken and flustered Clarke cried.

Clarke, who was forced to leave her job 11 years ago for medical reasons, said it was financially taxing caring for her deceased offspring’s eight-year-old son who also lost his mother soon after he was born.

Slumping into her chair, she however said the financial burden of caring for her grandson could not be compared with the torment of hearing him cry for his dad almost every day, and ask her complicated questions she just could not answer.

“If his father was alive I wouldn’t have to be racking my brain; not that I wouldn’t give him anything. But when you see that second week of vacation, his father made sure all his things were bought for school.

“He would say, ‘If my daddy was here, my daddy would do this. My daddy would do that. But why them kill my daddy?’.”

Williams said while it was difficult to fully describe her emotions, she just felt like she had lost a part of her. According to her, she still smells a sock that belonged to the deceased.

Catherine Williams is still greatly traumautized over the loss of her son.
Catherine Williams is still greatly traumatized over the loss of her son.

“If I had lost one of my hands, I wouldn’t have feel like how I feel for my child that gone. I feel real bad in here,” Williams moaned as she pointed to her chest.

She added: “Every time I call the station I getting turn around. You mean, every time I call them I getting turn around? Them could charge somebody for my child. I believe they know who kill my child. Them want my child life to just go down so?”

A very passionate Williams noted that while she was aware her son’s two children were also hurting and constantly called out for their father, her current interest was paying off his burial debt with money taken from her pension.

“Before this thing happen, I used to eat; but now I don’t care what I put in here; my stomach is very empty. I weeping, I mourning, I got pain, I bleeding inside; mothers will do the same thing as me when the time is right and that is how Catherine Williams going down,” she said, as she slapped her hand on the chair handle.

Clarke, 59, who also has another son, said she had taken her concerns and sorrows to the Lord in prayer.

“I know that God isn’t dead; he is still alive. I hope one day that somebody would be brought to justice through the law courts,” the hopeful mum said.

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3 Responses to Mothers want justice

  1. Leonora September 18, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Condolences go out to these mothers and hopefully someone soon will be charged for your sons’ murders. However, the way things are going in Barbados the murderers will probably soon be lying dead in the gutter because right now it is a vicious cycle.

  2. Brownsugga Farmer Johnson
    Brownsugga Farmer Johnson September 18, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Live by the gun die by it…

  3. Janelle Marshall
    Janelle Marshall September 18, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    I so agree one million percent. Live by it die by it.


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