Great response to diabetes initiative

Residents waiting to get tested
Residents waiting to get tested.

Scores of residents yesterday converged in one location to seek information on their health status as Barbados commenced a week of activities to observe Caribbean Wellness Day.

At the Cheapside Market in Bridgetown, a mobile unit and information desk was set up by the Diabetes Association of Barbados.

We had a very great response so we’re actually going to be coming back to this venue. Persons are really interested in knowing what their blood sugar level is, what are their risks of developing diabetes, as well as gaining nutrition information,” said Stacia Brewster, the association’s administrator.

Aside from conducting blood sugar checks, volunteers and other members of the association performed tests for blood pressure and cholesterol. They also provided information on healthy eating.

Stacia Brewster
Stacia Brewster

We saw people of all ages and we saw males as well, which is a good sign,” Brewster added.

This morning, the National Task Force on Physical Activity and Exercise and the National Non-Communicable Diseases Commission held a service at the St David’s Anglican Church.

Wednesday has been dubbed Wear Your Sneakers To Work Day, which seeks to encourage workers to use the stairs, organize group exercise sessions and take regular fitness breaks.

The final activity, Wellness Walk Meets Yoga Heart Flow, takes place next week Saturday at the Hastings Rocks Esplanade, Christ Church from 4:30 p.m.

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