Doing what he loves

He didn’t go from zero to a hundred instantly. It took some time; but he got there.

Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby went from being a high school dropout to a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

When Fewwture was 15 years old, a fourth form student at the St Leonard’s Boys’ School, he believed “that life” there was not for him.

“I was not happy there. I felt like I was just wasting my time, man . . . so I had to move on. I stopped going,” he said.

Fewwture at that young age knew that he wanted a better life for himself, after growing up in a single-parent household. He admitted that things were very tight financially at times.

“My mother had two of us, and she raised us on her own. So things were very rough sometimes . . . so I had to move on from that school thing and make some money to help out,” he said.

And that he did. He went on to work at A&B Music Supplies and Music & Echo, which jump-started his career in the music industry after being introduced to music production.

“I was always surrounded by musicians and music. It is in my blood. I watched my father in a band called Syndicate. He was in the band, and he also produced. Growing up and watching him around all the music and different equipment made me realize that this was what I wanted to do. So I pursued it,” he said.

The 31-year-old is now the proud owner of Dream Real Projects, which was founded in 2010. It has quickly become one of Barbados’ leading entertainment agencies, handling event and entertainment management.

“I was never one to do something I didn’t love. I got a bit bored at A&B Music Supplies and Music & Echo. I achieved a lot in those workplaces; so I kind of hit the ceiling, and I wanted more. A lot had to do with finances. I wanted more money.

“So I figure well I need to do it on my own and work for myself. And because of what I do, they aren’t many companies that do what I do. So I knew I had to create it on my own, and so I could work in an environment and be happy. So I moved on from there because I wanted more,” he said.

Fewwture told Bajan Vibes that it was the need to control his own destiny and work for himself that pushed him to start his own business.

“Not many companies in Barbados were doing what I was, so I knew it was a good idea and I always had a love for music . . . . So I said why not,” Fewwture added.

Many say that Fewwture has the ability to see the future in talent and has a taste in music beyond his years. In fact, this is how he was branded with his name. The suffix from his real first name also helped.

“I like all kinds of music, and people would always tell me my taste is beyond my years. Like I like things in the future. And everyone wanted to shorten my name, and would call me Matt; but I didn’t like that. So they started calling me Feww and overtime people started calling me Fewwture. So it kind of stuck,” he said with smile.

Under the umbrella Dream Real Projects, Fewwture also owns the business DREAM, which stands for Dream Real Events And Management. Under his business he is responsible for bringing the likes of Justin Beiber, Amber Rose and Neyo to Barbados just to name a few.

“I work with a lot of celebrities to promote celebrity tourism,” he said.

He manages some talents such as, Slam FM deejay Andre DJ Puffy Parris and former morning show host Alex Jordan, whom he said he is very proud of.

Apart from that, the down-to-earth entrepreneur also does the public relations for Crop Over band Zulu International.

Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby
Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby

“Last year I was brought on to assist them with their events and their launch. Because part of my job is event management, they brought me on to manage that side of things. I reached out and made things possible that Rihanna could have been part of Zulu, which was a really big deal. Then from there I went on to manage and own the VIP section of Zulu,” he explained.

For his success thus far, he gave credit to producer Chris Alman, and radio personality and entrepreneur Kirk Brown. Fewwture said without them, many of his successes would not have been possible.

“I first started out producing when I was working with Chris Alman at the time. He trained me in the studio. After that I met up with Kirk Brown, he introduced me to the whole promoting and the nightlife. Chris and Kirk are some of my biggest influences,” Fewwture said.

He told Bajan Vibes that the advice and guidance from now good friend Kirk Brown had helped to propel his career “tremendously”.

Kirk is a phenomenal man. When I met him, he was in a band called Blaze, and I liked his work ethic a lot. We had a few conversations and we were working on a few projects together. And we had a big connection from there, not only musically, but business-wise. A lot of practices that I have in my business, I have to thank Kirk for that . . . . the rest as they say is history,” Fewwture declared.

But while his business may be blooming now, it was not always a bed of roses for this young entrepreneur.

“It has been a struggle; but I appreciate the struggle. It hasn’t been all roses. The bad times also make me who I am now, in terms of making better decisions. A lot of frustration comes because the music industry is not big in Barbados; so they are a lot of bitter moments.

“So I used that to my advantage instead of just complaining about it, and said, ‘Well, they are opportunities that I could create’, and created a platform to allow me to contribute to the music industry and create an environment for better.”

And it is his love for seeing things grow and multiply that keeps him going. Fewwture said he was inspired by being able to inspire others.

“I am all about growth. Pursuing something. I like to create. I like to start at nothing and then watch something grow, watch it turn into something. And I like to create opportunities for others. The biggest inspiration is that I can create opportunities for other people and I can create avenues and revenue for them as well. That’s one of my biggest inspirations. My inspiration is inspiring others,” he said.

And he is not one to ever “relax”. This is why he says “it is important to do something you love”.

“I am always looking for new ideas. I want to get into doing more shows and I want to, make a bigger contribution to Barbados and create more revenue. [Some] of the major things I want to do. I want to create more opportunities for people. That’s something I like to do,” Fewwture told Bajan Vibes.


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