Municipal tax to be examined at BWU conference

When Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) delegates get down to business on the last day of their annual conference tomorrow, not only will new General Secretary Toni Moore make her maiden speech, but a resolution calling for a review of the controversial Municipal Solid Waste Tax will be discussed.

Deputy General Secretary of the BWU, Orlando Gabby Scott told Barbados TODAY the issue of the tax was raised on the first day of the conference last Saturday and it was therefore put on the agenda for the 73rd Annual Delegates Conference which will be held at the union’s Solidarity House headquarters.

“When the resolution is debated tomorrow then the delegates will speak to it. I cannot tell you what will happen until the conference discusses it,” he said.

The resolution states that “whereas this tax has occasioned a major outcry among most of the tax payers affected by the legislation; and . . . The dissent did not so much spring from an unwillingness to fulfil the objectives of the legislation as it sprang from the manner of the application of the tax and the level of hardship it has brought about; and whereas the Government has publicly recognised the basis for that outcry against the tax, and has expressed a willingness to ameliorate aspects of the complaints, be it resolved that [the annual conference] calls upon the Government urgently to revise and correct those aspects of the tax which are intolerable and oppressive.”

“And be it further resolved that this tax be no longer administered in a manner which penalises the resident on the basis of acquisition of a property,” the resolution added.

Delegates are also expected to examine resolutions on: solidarity and unity of the union; social dialogue; amendments to the Employment Rights Act; and HIV/AIDS.

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