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Financial contributions in aid of the $600,000 kidney transplant for local gospel artist Nayan Mr Warrington Warrington are still being tallied. Following last Friday night’s One Love benefit concert at the New Dimensions Ministries, Mr Warrington told High Note he could not provide a figure of what had already been collected, because donations were still coming in, as well as money from ticket sales.

The kidney transplant medical procedure is being done in Canada, but he explained that no date had yet been set for the selected kidney donor to fly out for his first                 set of tests.

Corporate Barbados and other friends and well-wishers have been showing their love and concern by making financial contributions to this worthy cause. It was announced at last Friday’s concert that donations could be made to the Nayan One Love RBC Account No. 1-1069665.

Gospel artists from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago expressed one love by coming together last weekend and performing at the concert, which was very well attended by people from all walks of life. Mr Warrington himself ministered one song –– his hit Mr Warrington –– that had the hundreds of patrons rocking, many pouring onto the front of the platform dancing, waving their hands and singing along.

Patrons front stage tantalized by Sherwin Gardner.
Patrons front stage tantalized by Sherwin Gardner.

During the latter part of the show, Mr Warrington also made a tearful plea for further assistance, as well as thanked all those who had contributed so far both to his benefit concert and the fund. His father Martin Warrington also gave an emotional thank you speech and prayer, as a supportive mum sat in the front row looking on.

Among the top artistes performing from Barbados was Neesha Woodz, who had patrons eating out of her hands as she belted out her popular tunes Andrenaline, Nagga Bow, I Love My Jesus and a fusion of well known traditional choruses such as Jesus Is My Deliverer and We Are Going Up. Also from Barbados were songwriter/singer John Yarde, Nicovia And Larix, and De Warrior and KDB (reunited for that occasion).

Trinidad and Tobago’s multiple-award-winning Sherwin Gardner was for me one of the main standouts of the night as he delivered sweet, groovy and smooth old school reggae gospel that had patrons tantalized. Virtually all patrons were on their feet, some standing where they were, many others flooding the front of the stage, and moving to every beat of Gardner’s melodic Caribbean hits like Best Praise, Taking Control and Praise The King.

Patrons on their feet, moving to the beat.
Patrons on their feet, moving to the beat.

He brought down the curtain in a reflective mood, that changed the whole tenor of worship, as people all over the place raised their hands, some with eyes closed, seemingly elevated to a higher spiritual plain.

Gardner’s fellow artiste from Jamaica, St Matthew –– a former gangster –– ministered mostly by fusing his singing with testimonies of his past life and transformation. Known as the gospel defender, St Matthew was very interactive with the congregation, at one point wrapping his arms around Mr Warrington’s parents, and speaking and singing encouragement directly to them.

Quincy Richards aka Que from Trinidad and Tobago, contributed to the cause with his variety of indigenous renditions of reggae, dancehall, soca and ragga soca.

KDB got back together as a band and made its presence felt in a big way.

In other news . . . prepare for a major gospel music event coming to Barbados on November 1. It is Neesha Woodz and friends’ Blessing After Blessing Edition at the Collymore Rock Church Of The Nazarene from 6:30 p.m. Stay tuned.

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