Fire leaves 68-year-old homeless

Fire cover

After living in the same house at Military Road, Bush Hall, St Michael for 35 years, Hartley Reeves now has to find a new home.

His three bedroom house went up in flames this evening, leaving the 68-year-old man at a loss.

Fire 2
Hartley Reeves speaks to firemen and a villager about the blaze.

Reeves, who did not have electricity in the house, told Barbados TODAY minutes earlier he’d blown out his kerosene lamp before walking to the neighbourhood shop to relax with friends.

It was there that he learnt his house was on fire.

Fire 3
Hartley Reeves

Around half a dozen firefighters battled the blaze, which started after 8 pm.

Reeves said he lost everything, including lumber he’d stored to rebuild.

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  1. Hermena Straker
    Hermena Straker September 6, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    So sorry to hear


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