SHOOTING UPDATE: Man shot on ZR van

Police say the victim in the shooting incident on Lower Collymore Rock, St Michael was in a ZR van when he was shot in the back.

Public relations officer Inspector David Welch said the man, whose name has not yet been disclosed, was in a Route 10 ZR van, when he and another man were involved in an altercation around 12:50 pm.

When the shooting occurred, the passengers and driver scrambled to safety.

The shooter fled the scene and the victim is being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

zr van shooting

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  1. carles September 6, 2014 at 3:58 am

    I´m planning to move to Barbados and i´m concerned about the raise of crime in the island.Anybody could tell me about the situation? Is really a safe place Barbados?Are any places in the island i shoul avoid???


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